• Wed, Feb 10th, 2016
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Mail-in Rebates are Making a Comeback July 24th

Posted In Featured, News - By Joe Fedewa On Thursday, July 14th, 2011 9:38am PST With 2 Comments

For the last few months we’ve been enjoying instant rebates from Sprint, but thanks to our top notch Super Spies we know that mail-in rebates are returning on July 24th. This time they are coming back with a twist, instead of getting a check from Sprint you’ll be receiving an American Express Prepaid Reward Card loaded with the amount of your rebate. The card will be received around 8 weeks after sending in for the rebate. The Reward Card expires after six years, while the old rebate checks expired after only 180 days. The Reward Card can be used anywhere American Express cards are accepted, including paying for your Sprint bill. If you haven’t used the full amount of the card after six months a $3 monthly fee will go into effect. Activating the card is as easy as going online or calling the activation number, after that it’s as good as cash.

This new mail-in rebate program is only for phones that cost under $150, and will award a $50 rebate. It’s unfortunate that the mail-in rebates are returning, but at least it’s not for all phones and Reward Cards are much more efficient than checks. Considering this doesn’t start for another ten days, we’d recommend that you get any planned purchases done as soon as possible.

About - Joe is a tech enthusiast. He's been interested in phones ever since he used his first one. Since then he's evolved from flip phones to smartphones, and become even more obsessed with everything in mobile tech. He brings his fresh style of tech blogging and graphic design skills to SprintFeed.

  • Sharon Owen

    No matter if I send in the rebate stuff or a store does it for me… I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A REBATE.


  • Anonymous

    This is not normal policy for AMEX to charge a service fee for a prepaid card. No other prepaid AMEX card sold in the USA has a service fee of any kind attached to it. Very strange.