• Sun, Feb 7th, 2016
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Sprint Ending Bill to Account Option on October 5th

Posted In Featured, News - By Mark Hearn On Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 2:43pm PST With 48 Comments

If you planned on billing your next smartphone purchase to your account, you’d better act fast, because a change is coming. Starting on October 5th, the Now Network is doing away with their BTA (Bill to Account) option. This nice feature allowed customers in good standing to purchase equipment by billing it to their Sprint account. Sprint cites that they’re “the last of the top competitors to restrict BTA for all new subscribers.” This statement may be true, but this is one of the many reasons we love you Sprint. This is most likely another effort to cut costs and reduce losses and could possibly be related to an upcoming release. Though we’re not a fan of all of these changes, we’re pretty sure that building a new LTE 4G network can get expensive. Be sure to share your thoughts with us on this and all of Sprint’s latest policy changes.

About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • http://about.me/brandonmccall brandonmccall

    Might as well go w/ SimpleMobile with all the negative changes the major carriers are making. I mean, what’s the real advantage to a post-paid account these days?

  • Anonymous


  • Jazzinnow

    This was one of the reason we were with them. The only thing left will be unlimited data, that may go by the way side to.

  • Anonymous

    Bill to account doesn’t get used as much as people think. First off it only applied to upgrades (having to be an existing customer of course) and also there were also some stipulations for business new/upgrades. But in reality out of every 10 upgrades I do only 3 BTA. And that’s usually with me offering them BTA instead using the payment method they already planned that day.

  • http://twitter.com/bugabuga Max Smolev

    I didn’t even know this option was available

    Aside from getting a free few weeks of “grace period” and being able to say “just charge it to my account” was there any other advantage to BTA vs giving them credit card number?

  • Joy

    The people whining over this obviously buy directly from Sprint/Sprint Stores. I NEVER go through Sprint to get a phone upgraded. Me and Best Buy have been pals for years now and I go through them to get the instant rebates/free phone. This really isn’t a big deal. Get over it and learn to utilize third party vendors.

  • crazy71176

    This sucks so instead of paying for it in 30 days now I have to out right pay for it. Make you wonder how long it would take for a refund if you wish to return the phone

  • Peekg

    They taking away everything that made me love them. Whats next?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7GHHYZRPJYXJVRTOAEG5D7FTWE D Smoke

    Meh If you have to charge it you prob can’t afford it. I always pay for my phones up front so doesn’t bother me any. Boy sprint is hammering out some bad changes. Whatever if it helps a new LTE network get built I’m on board.

  • The1aboveall

    You suck Sprint. I swear you are turning into the rest of them. Right before the iPhone release nice.

  • Joy

    And honestly why would anyone want to have a bill added on top of a bill?

  • http://twitter.com/TheTechChat TheTechChat

    I always use my American Express anyways for its extra warranty, return, and insurance offerings. Plus I get money back. But Sprint really is taking away many of the perks that have made them special over the years…

  • Anonymous

    Actually bill to account is limited to the best credit classes within Sprint – Credit Class A, B and one other I dont remember; who no longer have a spending limit ….So I am sure THEY CAN AFFORD IT!!!!

  • Bighousefan

    This sucks Sprint, with all the other “terrible for loyal customer” changes made, what’s next, you gonna push nights back to 9p.m. like the rest of them? You gonna do away with mobile to mobile? This just sucks, I’ve always used BTA option so I could try any new device without coming out of pocket first, if I didn’t like it before 30 days I would return and pay nothing, if I liked it, pay it off on my next bill 30 days later. Shit to all these changes, pretty soon you will be no different than At&t or Verizon…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Jones/646640165 Brian Jones

    Not a Smart move

  • Worksforsprint

    Sprint removed their 30 day return policy. They now have a 14 day return policy and if you dont return within 3 days you are charged a $36 restocking fee.

  • Chrishutson14

    Actually, quite a smart move. This is an area for fraud and loss for Sprint.

  • X5denali

    This is untrue as Verizon still allows this! I have used it recently! They allow up to $400 for accounts with only one line of $1000 max for 2 or more lines!

  • Badasscavy03

    That is incorrect. I use bta all the time and not just for upgrades. I use it for anything I want to buy from Sprint. Ex: phone, Bluetooth, cases, everything… And it is a great program, gave me time to test new phones out and everything. Also a good help to me if I didn’t have the last 100 or 2 for a new phone, gave me time to get paid and to pay them.. and I always paid my bill, everytime.

  • Natturner2k

    You are the reason they canceled this policy. It wasn’t supposed to be let me try this new phone that I cant afford but I can use it for 29 days and say i didn’t like it policy.

  • Anonymous

    3rd parties and National Retailers(walmart,etc) will follow the same policies that corp enforces. the only difference is the instant rebates. which I can assure you, thats on its way out too.. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 business accounts and 1 Personal account all with a 5 to 11 year history, I buy many phones for my employee’s…. Business Premere customer svcs. stated to me this afternoon that there is no truth to this at all, It is only for new accounts, business or personal and they must establish 6 months of credit history before they can charge equipment or accessories to the account, This is the only thing that is changing to the policy. I don’t understand how someone can tip a small change to a company’s policy and it can get blown up like this on these tech blogs! Also Sprint has always gave me a 30 day notice when any changes are coming that will effect my accounts.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t worry, this is not true according to Business premere customer service…..It’s only changing for new account…read my entire post….

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t worry, this is not true according to Business premere customer service…..It’s only changing for new account…read my entire post under mobile10.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t worry, this is not true according to Business premere customer service…..It’s only changing for new account…read my entire post under mobile 10

  • JD

    Sprint cites that they’re “the last of the top competitors to restrict BTA for all new subscribers.”

    Does this mean they’re saying it will only be applied to new accounts. I know what the Notice says but besides the mention of sprint’s name I dont see any logos or any proof that this came from a sprint announcement.

  • Robertoasmith6

    Its for everyone,it says equipment changes ie new accounts,aal,upgrade…anything that extends ur service agreement which would be anything outside of a service swap. So this applies to both new and existing customers…30 day guarantee policy has changed to 14 at Sprint but that’s for cancellation without being subject to etf,which Is now 350 for all new smart phones or upgrading to a smart phone,ure responsible for an activation fee after 3 days,which by the way upgrades have gone up to 36 as well,but depending on where u get ur device from,for example radio shack,their return policy is 30 days so although u are locked into ur agreement after the 14 days,u are still allotted ur one swap within 30 days of ur initial purchase date,essentially the 30 day guarantee on if u want that particular device or not…another thing,if u do cancel prior to those 14 days,u are now responsible for the usage of the device within that time

  • guest

    Yes these changes are being made bc of the expected traffic of the iPhone and all the fraudulent transactions it will bring with it and also because of how wimax is a flop and how expensive it will be for the LTE infrastructure,its also a good way of weeding out those who aren’t customers worth keeping,too many people sign up on Sprint and are gone within the first bill or account has been suspended and cancelled by default after the third cycle,Sprint will probably continue to have a decline in profitability in the next few years but once they get everything worked out ull see a huge spike In their stock…as long as their unlimited data sticks around,we shall see,if iPhone brings that many new customers then their network and bandwidth is gonna have really expand or unlimited data will be throttled or capped

  • F1

    I have used BTA, since 1997, it is about choices, limited to in “good standing customers” only, 30% of your experience, could not be too costly, thereby SPRINT is in deeper financial trouble than it leads to believe!

    Thank You

  • F1

    It simplifies the Return/Exchange process,
    just like Credit Cards, it was a de facto 1 Billing Cycle Credit line by SPRINT, for “Established” &” In good standing” accounts only, in other words “Customer Service”.

    Thank You

  • F1


    Thank You

  • F1

    Always the last, Copy Cat SPRINT:

    If true, might as well buy it from VZW!!
    “With great regret”: Next goes the “Unlimited + $10″, here comes the “Unlimited + $$$$”!

    Thank You

  • Lamont

    Been with them twelve years and it won’t let me do it online.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZGMUQ3O7CKNYPQ3I4Q3ITO4KU Kegan

    Nope… I’ve been with Sprint for over 5 years, great credit standing, unlimited spending limit, blah, blah, blah… I was about to open a new line on my account but was told via phone today that I’d have to pay for the phone up front. ANY phone. And the change went into effect for ALL accounts. No notice, no nothing. They claimed to have sent something out with the bill, but since I receive my bill electronically, I must not have been on the “need to know” list.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZGMUQ3O7CKNYPQ3I4Q3ITO4KU Kegan

    If you lost a phone and had to pay for a new one (insurance or not), this was a great option. In a family full of teenagers, this was invaluable. Also, if the phone didn’t live up to your expectations or meet your needs, it could be returned without going through the 3rd party hassle.

  • JusBeinMe

    Apparently it is true. I just tried to bill a car charger and it let me go through the process to then say it couldn’t be billed.

  • JusBeinMe

    If the 3rd party vendors prices equate to the $150 upgrade discount then no whining needed, if not, well…

  • Burksmail

    So ready to drop sprint, all things that made sprint special se now gone. Their network is not strong enough to keep me paying 300 a month. Bye bye SPENT

  • Bcpfla

    Truly disappointing that especially while we are at the holiday season and $ is so tight it was nice to be able to depend on Sprint to allow those long time good standing account holders to bill to their account. After spending half the day on the phone with Account Services represetative and supervisors….they have notified me that this change was indeed posted on our Sprint bills…..I cannot find it anywhere……so once again I feel lied to and betrayed by one of the BIG GUYS and feel as though I have no recourse…..what carrier out there will not treat us like this?!

  • Tom Collins

    It is true.

  • The Sprint Mole

    I work for Sprint corporate in one of their retail stores and am very pleased with the new policy. I have witnessed fit a few of our existing customers, activate a new line, BTA the handset and then sure enough within 90-120 days, end up churning not only the new line they recently activated but the entire account which means we as a company basically bent over and grabbed our ankles on that particular piece of equipment. The wireless industry is not based upon device revenue, but that of the service provided by the wireless carrier. Wireless carriers lose a crapload of money on the cost for a wireless device and on the average take 9-12 months to recover it by the customer’s revenue.

  • Evansshannon97

    I’m sorry but I have been a value Coustmer for many many years. Why is it that your value coustmers will not be able to still have the bill to my account option anymore. I believe there’s something different you could be able to do to stop fraud. Like maybe your new coustmers wouldn’t beable to have the same right as your value many years coustmers.

  • Johnnchris1996

    That is incorrect. Tried to purchase a phone today and had to pay for it today. Have had account for 6 years. Think I will finally be changing phone services. Bill has went up almost 100 in the last year from all of the Sprint Changes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674901910 Michael Love

    I, too, enjoy going to a Sprint Corp store, selecting a phone, then having the peace of mind that if I decide I do not like it I have only a short trip to the Sprint store to return/replace it. I have been with Sprint for almost 12 year. I have NO spending limit. And I have NEVER taken advantage of the ability to return a phone.

    This, as with many other now defunct opportunities, was to me a perk and a thank you for being a loyal customer. After being denied the ability to charge a new phone purchase to my account recently, I just felt like that was the last straw to the other perks being removed. I have 6 devices on my account and have had as many as 8. My monthly phone bill isn’t small change and my account is in good standing. I have spent over $30K with sprint on service alone. Add in the many devices I have purchased over the years and the number is considerably higher.

    I was told that the new policy was as a result of their introduction of the Apple iPhone. Okay. So, to me, a sensible policy would be to restrict BTA on iPhone purchases. A sensible policy would be for legacy customers to be able to maintain what was promised them for their commitment and apply policy changes to new customers.

    As much as I do not want to leave Sprint, at this point it is a matter of personal principle. The thing is, last November 7th I was told by a Customer Service Rep that because my account was “legacy” I would still enjoy the perks of being able to BTA new phones. A couple of weeks ago with the anticipation of upgrading one of my lines, I was told the same again by two different reps (one of them a supervisor). So, I went to a Sprint store, did the selection process then was denied at the checkout.

    I phoned customer service again from the parking lot and asked why this happened. The person I was now on the phone with said that there are obvious “coaching” opportunities for the 3 reps I spoke to previously and stated with no uncertainty that I could NOT BTA a new phone.

    That said, I informed them that I would NEVER upgrade another device on my account through Sprint. If I choose to ride it out, I can be away from Sprint inside the next 13 months. However, another consideration is that some service providers will pay out in credits to offset early termination fees.

    The bottom line is that I think this among several pretty shitty things Sprint has done to their proven loyal customers.

    Ranting done. :-)

  • Nacer81

    This is the worst decision Sprint has made recently. The service in FL isn’t that great anyway, and then they do this. Way to go Sprint!

  • Nacer81

    I’ve been with Sprint since I was 18 and I tried to upgrade my phone today and it would not let me bill to my account. My account has an outstanding standing. Poor decision Sprint!!

  • Manthad05

    I agree and I to have been with sprint for 11years first i upgrade my phone and every line I have has to pay an extra $10 on top of the plan, now no BTA because of new plans and Iphones sprint gets more and more expensive thats the way im looking at it.

  • Shorty240

    I agree