• Sat, Feb 13th, 2016
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Upcoming EOL List Includes EVO 4G and Kyocera Echo

Posted In News - By Joe Fedewa On Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 10:09am PST With 6 Comments

It’s always sad to see the poor devices that make the End of Life (EOL) list, but every good phone reaches its end at some point. Our Super Spies have sent us Sprint’s new upcoming EOL list, and six poor phones didn’t make the cut. Most notably is the EVO 4G (in white and black) and the young Kyocera Echo. The EVO 4G should come as no shock since it’s almost a year and a half old. The white version will stop being ordered this week, and the black version in early October. The end of life for the Echo is a surprise since it’s barely five months old. This is probably a pretty good indicator of how poorly the Echo sold. The Echo will stop being ordered in early October.

Other devices on the EOL list:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • Sanyo Innuendo
Thanks Diddy!

About - Joe is a tech enthusiast. He's been interested in phones ever since he used his first one. Since then he's evolved from flip phones to smartphones, and become even more obsessed with everything in mobile tech. He brings his fresh style of tech blogging and graphic design skills to SprintFeed.

  • Jaccooper

    Even more reason that I should be winner of one of those new photons. Proud owner of a terminal evo 4g on its last legs. Its been a good friend. Its obviously time to put it to rest soon.

  • Joy

    I’ve never heard of the Innuendo. Hmmm. Not really surprised with the Echo. I didn’t dig it at all when I saw it. The two screens were a bit much and it felt like something was going to snap off when you opened and closed it.

  • Anonymous

    Innuendo is a qwerty feature phone from Sanyo. As a retailer I’m actually happy to see the Evo go. It still sells like mad but it’s been nothing but a headache as far as service & repair goes.

  • Stephen

    I guess I have been very lucky. I have had my Evo 4g for almost an entire year. I have not had one single problem. I would say this phone and my former Blackberry 9650 (which ironically is on the list with the Evo 4g) were the two best phones (note: before I purchased the Evo 4g on ebay, I would switch out phones every 4-6 months, at present I seen no compelling reason to do so). I think two important reasons for my continued satisfaction with the Evo 4g and the fact that I have experienced no problems with the phone are as follows: 1. I never upgraded the firmware on my Evo 4g to gingerbread. If you review other android forums, there are numerous threads regarding Evo 4g gingerbread upgrade issues. 2. I waited several months after the phone had been released to review Evo 4g owner’s reviews of the phone. Unfortunately, I learned to take both of these precautions the hard way. Several years ago, I was on the Verizon network and upgraded to the Blackberry Storm when it first came out. I was caught up in all the marketing hype. Talk about a nightmare. Never again. I learned that when a cell phone is first introduced or there is a firmware update, Patience Is a Virtue.

  • http://twitter.com/T_BoneBlak667 Daemon Blak

    I upgraded to Gingerbread on my EVO and regretted it ever since. Froyo was great on the EVO. Gingerbread, not so much. Rooting the device has brought stability back but the memory leak is still there and is annoying. My lasts HTC phone.

  • Anonymous

    Well, dammit. I just made up my mind that I want to get an Echo, and would do it when in Oregon in a couple weeks (no sales tax!). I really hope it’s still available… No way will I want to get a 4G capable phone since I spent most of my time in a non-4G zone, and SERO Premium accounts don’t have to pay the “4G fee”…