• Sun, Feb 14th, 2016
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Five Things I Hate About My New iPhone 4S

Posted In Editorials, Featured - By Mark Hearn On Monday, October 31st, 2011 1:31pm PST With 37 Comments

I’ve had a fair amount of access to previous iPhone models through friends and work related projects. But until now I’ve never had an iOS device as my daily driver. As a Sprint customer I’ve managed to shuffle through a few Android phones over the years before deciding to make the big switch. Now with two full weeks as an iPhone 4S owner under my belt, I’d have to say for the most part I enjoy the 4S, but there are definitely some things that I miss about Android. With that said I’ve listed the five things I hate about my new iPhone.


Though it’s no big deal for some, I still do miss having Flash support when on the go. Apple has stated the HTML5 is the future of the web and for the most part I agree, but there’s still quite a few places playing catch-up. I knew this could be a potential issue, but I didn’t expect to miss it as much.

No Widgets

iOS is a very tamed and restricted platform and in such a controlled environment widgets are a no go. I understand in some cases they may be taxing on resources, but at least give it to me as an option.

Non-Photo Attachments

On a daily basis I receive several attachments via email. Yes, a decent amount of them are viewable with my iPhone 4S, but there’s no out of the box method for saving them directly to my phone. The only option for viewing non-photo attachments is to view them directly in the email they were sent from. I’ve seen instructions for workarounds, but again we’re talking out of the box.

Notification LED

It may sound petty to some, but I really do miss having a flashing light that screams “Hey, you missed something!” I’m no engineer, but something tells me adding a small notification LED to the iPhone 4S’ design wouldn’t have hurt anything.


One of the major focal points of iOS5 was cutting the cord. But if you’re an iPhone owner, you’ll still need to use iTunes at some point. Apple has a reputation for making brilliant software, but my experience with iTunes has made me want to pull out what little hair I have left. The software feels extremely outdated and clunky.

Perhaps you’re in the same boat as me, or maybe you’ve made the switch and have other complaints. Being completely honest, I still enjoy owning an iPhone. But considering that there are a lot of eager Sprint customers contemplating making the switch, I wanted to share a bit of my experience so far. Make no mistake about it, the iPhone 4S is an awesome device, but just be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to make the switch.


About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Centralcityguy

    I came from an Evo 4G to the iPhone 4S 32G device. I agree with missing the widgets. The LED light in the Evo only blinked for two minutes then stopped so I don’t miss that light at all. I’ve had great phone call quality and fast 3G speeds. Some say they can hear me better on the iPhone.

    My complaint is that safari doesn’t format the text automatically when you zoom in. You have to drag the window around.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta agree with you on most of these points.

    I’d kill for a single icon that turns on/off wifi, bluetooth, etc. — yes, like Android can do. This would avoid the three touches I have to make to do the same thing on iOS. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to like about the 4S, but I definitely see that Android has it’s own pluses, too. To say otherwise would be disingenuous.

  • Anonymous

    I bought into the hype, and was way disappointed in the iphone..i truly see now that iphones are just trendy..I returned the phone after one week of use and went back to android,.and I got the galaxy s 2!
    What a difference! It does soo much more than ios. I cant go without custom..ios is just plain vanilla,and full of restrictions..

  • Andrewdoes

    The iPhone, if running iOS 5, does have LED notification feature. It utilizes the cameras flash on the back side, but it will blink to notify you of a message or messages.

    Also, one of the best notification features, in my opinion, are the custom vibration feature. You can customize the rythym or pattern of the vibrate feature. Both are accessible in settings-general-accessibility.

    Just thought this might help with your “missing notifications” issue.


  • Looony2nz

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself

  • Caleb Beeman

    The thing I still say about the iphone, is it is a “starter” smart phone. I believe that if you want a phone just to do smart phone stuff and not worry about the customization of the software then go with apple. which is good for the average joe. But android is good for the person who wants to take a phone one step farther. I personally hate apple but I will always recommend an iphone to someone who just wants that better phone.

  • http://www.octechnophile.com David Amodt

    slow 3g speeds? kind of missed that one

  • Matti

    I don’t have an iPhone and am not a tech expert… I thought Flash was needed to view most websites with video …I know when I got my mac it was the first thing I had to download not only for youtube and most sites with video. but also sites I use with streaming audio. Without flash, it seemed I couldn’t access most of the websites I check every day… So with an iPhone, are all those websites unusable? (It seems most websites that embed video require flash to view them..is that incorrect?) Ive never understood this when I hear about it…Do iPhone users just not have access to video on websites…I would think this would be a HUGE deal to people and a major drawback if you can’t access your daily websites

  • Matti

    On Android…what is a widget? Im assuming its different than an app. Is it an app on your home screen? Anything like the Mac Dashboard Widgets? (Ive been dealing on apple tech support with Mac widgets because they seem to drain the battery so Im being told to delete all of them which then makes the Dashboard feature unusable)

    Notification -again I don’t use an iPhone or smartphone so have limited knowledge. I thought this was one of the main improvements in ios5…does it not tell you you have new notifications? or are you saying you have to proactively check it all the time. Id think it would have a way to ping – but I guess that could get annoying.


    I know a lot of people get frustrated when non-techie people ask what you guys think are simple questions…but Im not an early adopter…Ive got a lot of medical issues which require me to spend a lot of money each week so Ive got to be tight on budget and technology has suffered…Also have ended up losing a lot of friends who cannot ‘deal with it’ and thus social networking, texting, data , haven’t been as important as to the avg person

  • Matti

    can you be more specific about what the android can do to go one step further? And Im assuming from what I read that it depends on which android phone and which OS you have. Its all very confusing to choose..>Thats one thing (which I know is a negative to many) thats easy with Apple – theres one iPhone -

  • Matti

    what did t he iPhone not do that you needed? I don’t have a smartphone yet so just wondering…

  • Matti

    Isn’t a problem with androids that each handset from each manufacturer is a little different – and you have various operating sy stems out there now – froyo, gingerbread, icecreamsandwhich etc…so it would seem that it would be very confusing to the non-tech person…especially once you get used to one phone and then 2 years later, you switch and its a whole new thing…id think the iPhone would be a bit more consistent so thus easier for the general public. pretty much everyone i know has an iPhone and everyone loves it – but again they probably have nothing else to compare it to

  • Anonymous

    The ability to custumize the phone,larger screen, flash support,and more free apps in the android market..And a host of other stuff….

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    Subject: [sprintfeed] Re: Five Things I Hate About My New iPhone 4S

  • http://twitter.com/405jeff Jeff Karl

    The differences between each iteration of Android are pretty small on most phones, especially if you’re talking about the difference between Froyo and Gingerbread, which are the two most common versions out there right now.
    I have an iPod Touch 32GB that I won in a contest and a Samsung Epic Touch 4G. I can tell you that the Samsung is superior in every way to an iPhone and I’ve discovered that just from playing with the iPod, as well as friends who have an iPhone. Bigger (and better) screen, and much more customization available. That’s not to say the iPhone is worthless-it’s a good phone. It really depends upon what your needs are. Android can be a bit of a challenge to someone who has never used it before, but most people I know who got it quickly adapted and then loved it, including some former iOS users. Your best bet is to go into a store and physically try/play with each phone first, as nothing replaces hands on use.

  • http://twitter.com/405jeff Jeff Karl

    Widgets allow you to customize your screens. Think about a PC’s desktop screen and the fact you can download programs that will, for example, show you a constant news or sports ticker, or the weather. Widgets are available that do all of these things and more, so that your home screen can be literally customized to show you whatever you want. And Android offers you multiple choices for a home screen-as many as 7 on many phones. This is another thing that iPhones cannot do-you have to launch an application to do things like check the news, weather, etc. (or go to a website).

  • http://twitter.com/405jeff Jeff Karl

    Very true that many websites still use Flash, and that’s another reason why I love my Android phone. I remember pulling up the NYTimes on my iPod Touch and how it had a big black box where the front page picture was supposed to be. While many popular websites are now using HTML5, many more are not. The fact Apple continues to absolutely refuse to support Flash is yet another example of their “all or nothing”, take no prisoners approach.
    Not to mention their absolute control over apps-Android Market has far less restrictions than Apple does. But yes, if a site uses Flash and you try to pull it up on any iPhone or iPod (or iPad, for that matter) you will see a black box, and nothing else.

  • Caleb Beeman

    Well ya apple is like here it is very simple. but the step further is anything like changing widgets, rooting phone(yes I know you can jailbreak iphone but it still isnt as customizable as rooting), changing the startup launcher with an app like go launcher, even just changing keyboards. Bascially apple is like one look and one feel. but android gives u more control over this. This is what I mean by one step futher

  • matti

    Unfortunately if you’re trying to save money with an Android and go with a prepaid service, a lot of the phones are kept in their packaging so you can’t play with them. Im leaning toward an iPhone only because I already use a Mac and practically every single person I know also has an iPhone…and it just seems like it will be easier now and in the future. Deciding between all these Android phones and manufacturers is really a lot for me…but I might get a mid grade Android on a cheap prepaid in the short term…esp since I may be able to get one free even without a contract with a special promo Ive got

  • http://profiles.google.com/misterhearn Mark Hearn

    Nope, can’t reference I problem that I don’t have. Considering it’s a 3G only device, my speeds are fine. There’s an ongoing issue with Sprint which has hit different areas, but my speeds generally are good for 3G.

  • http://theiphonesucks.com TheiPhoneSucks

    I’m 100% with you. My company has decided to switch over exclusively to iPhones from Blackberry, and even though I think it’s a step in the right direction, I wish I could convince them to all switch to Android. The iPhone sucks, plain and simple. No LED light? Seriously?! Come on…

  • Alisonwarnerrn

    My first iPhone…expectations high since everyone I know that has one loves it. After having an Android phone I feel the only way a person could “love” an iPhone is if they never experienced an android phone. Not having flash is huge. Also, Siri only works at most half the time. Siri will tell me “I’m not available right now” or I “I don’t understand you” when I give her simple commands like, set an alarm for 630am. So don’t know what to say…it’s all very lame compared to my android phone…so sorry I switched…to apple users I would say try android…you will never go back to iPhone. For real. Can’t wait until my contract is up. Ugh! Why did I believe the iPhone lovers? They suck!

  • Dadavis21

    Hey does anyone that lives in chicago are and has the iphone 4s for sprint have any issues with the 3g speeds? Im debating whether to get the iphone on att or sprint and i really want the unlimited data that sprint has but if its not even usable then i might as well choose sprint.

  • Matthew-jones

    You forgot Siri. Totally useless outside the US (and that’s when it actually works!)

  • Bob

    you can use the led notification. when new text messages come or calls the led flash lights up and flashes. you can enable this in the settings

  • Red_Revolver717

    I live in Chicago. ATT is the worse period. Dropped calls. 2gb of data? Wtf? Go with sprint. Equally as crappy but unlimited data is unlimited data. I have Att and I can’t wait to leave.

  • Shirchar

    i hate my iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all i want to do is add my ipod music to my new phone it will not let me add over 900 sonegs it took 300 songs but not the rest

  • Goofiomi

    i know alot of third graders with iphones its silly

  • Lololololoollollol


  • Ilovenokia

    you iz one sadddd little man

  • Minajtastic

    u iz one strangeee lil man

  • Mlupian

    The very thing apple told people they were doing with their revolutionary phone they flipped180 degrees. They proposed a phone with no physical button for the utmost flexibility; they deliver a rigid uncustomizable interface that may as well be hard built 3 dimensional space in the phone. They propose that their new phone doesn’t need to be obsolete every quarter when a new feature or technology comes out. They deliver a money sucking Regimen of small tweaks over the course of a decade shingle you need the new phone every year. they propose flexibility and the freedom to express individuality and creativity and then put walls on the Internet (no flash support, why the hell not?!) and limit functionality of several applications ( why doesnt exchange active sync email offer me some buttons that let me flag or mark emails as unread ? Is that. Because apple values the presence an appearance

  • Mlupian

    Over Full support and embedding of partnering software? More walls around. Creativity with the limiting capabilities of the share command . Why only twitter ? That’s ridiculous .

  • Arto

    What about the ”Battery life” ???

  • Pissed

    I thought my iPhone was going to be so much better then my Android boy was I wrong! Can’t watch anything on my phone can’t download music without paying for it . The only good thing I can say about this phone is that it takes pics with a fash which I did not have on my last phone. When I can upgrade Evo will be my new phone

  • crogers06410

    there is a notification light. its under the accessibility menu, its the flash on the back of the iphone. it goes crazy when you get any sort of notification.

  • lisa

    the i phone for from sprint sucks it drops call every call it horriable run far away from sprint

  • Melinda

    iPhone 4S new upgrade will now not sync the contacts to my car bluetooth. I hate this phone