• Mon, Feb 8th, 2016
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Sprint Says iPhone 4S Users Consuming 50% Less Data than Android Users

Posted In News - By Joe Fedewa On Thursday, October 27th, 2011 11:55am PST With 12 Comments

It’s no mystery that Sprint has been going through some network pains since the launch of the iPhone 4S. Most people suspect that the iPhone is to blame, and they would be partially correct. It’s true that the new customers that the iPhone has brought to Sprint probably has some impact on the network issues, but in terms of data it seems iPhone 4S users use significantly less data than Android users. How significant? Nearly 50% less data usage than Android.

Why is this happening? Well no one knows for sure, but I have some guesses. Android is geared towards multitasking much more than iOS. Many apps are constantly pulling for data, which Android users know all too well when looking at battery life. This constant pull for data makes Android phones much bigger data hogs than iOS. Of course this is just my speculation.

via 9to5Mac

About - Joe is a tech enthusiast. He's been interested in phones ever since he used his first one. Since then he's evolved from flip phones to smartphones, and become even more obsessed with everything in mobile tech. He brings his fresh style of tech blogging and graphic design skills to SprintFeed.

  • @Sprint4Grollout

    If you asked Sprint iOS customers why they use less data, I have a feeling they would say they can’t use anymore data because of the poor network. Well, if you take complaints on boards as gospel! :)

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree! Sprints 3G network was horrible long before the iphone arrived.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Hart/811784114 Kevin Hart

    I agree with Joe. iPhones traditionally use much less data and when you have unlimited data us android users will just eat it up. I’ve never had network data problems with sprint and I continue to have none.

  • Avi J

    Wonder how come Sprint customers have said that their iPhones were running even slower than their other 3g phones. I want to know that Sprint at least will be close to ATT or Verizon before I commit to Sprint, esp as I get nervous with all their financial problems.

  • Anonymous

    You’re better of committing to one of the other two. Why risk committing to a carrier that may improve in the future, when there are other carriers that are already decent right now?

  • Avi J


    In an interview with Forbes following his company’s earnings release, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse noted that the iPhone will actually enable the carrier to continue offering unlimited data plans for a longer period of time than it otherwise would have.
    Sprint is still not saying when it may make that switch, but credits the iPhone for helping it push the date out further. “One of the beauties of carrying the iPhone is it extends the period of time and increases the likelihood of us maintaining unlimited data longer because it uses our network so efficiently,” said Hesse.
    Hesse notes that the iPhone is better at picking up Wi-Fi signals than Android devices are, allowing users to spend more time connecting via Wi-Fi than placing demands on Sprint’s cellular data network.

  • Anonymous

    So Sprint advertises that T-mobile throttles customer speed at 2GB… That is true. You get two whole GB of data before your speed gets throttled. That’s TWO WHOLE GB MORE than Sprint offers. At what I’m seeing now, Sprint is throttling our speed at 0KB! If only T-Mobile gets the iPhone…

  • http://www.facebook.com/JamieGSnell Jamie Snell

    Hasn’t there been a ton of complaints that Sprint’s network on the iPhone was incredibly slow.. some bug with sprints network. wouldn’t that account for less usage because people wouldn’t want to use a slow network.. and you just couldn’t download as much anyways.

  • DjFatKid

    I am not enitrely sure where these people are getting their research information from about the network being slow because I have had the iPhone since the day it was released on sprint and I have yet to have one data related problem yet. Apple however has swapped my iPhone due to a defective battery but that has been it. I have had a blackberry, Evo and then the iPhone e my Internet speed is just as fast if not faster than it was on my Evo running on 3G, and my battery life and software functionality is a whole of a lot better than it was on that damn Evo. I’ve been with sprint since 2003-2004 data speed has never been an issue for me. The blackberry was probably the slowest when it came to Internet or data but my iPhone pulls up web pages just as quickly as my laptop does. Everyone else can rant and rave about 4G and how fast it is but I don’t need to sacrifice battery life to have things done 5 seconds faster, and most of my friends left android to go to the Iphone because of how shitty the software and battery ones and no one has yet to regret it. Yea it was nice Gavin 4G if I only needed my phone to last 4 hours a day or just not work at all.

  • Gedster314

    2 Years ago I could pull down 1.5Mbps. Last year it dropped to 300Kbps. This year in the evenings I am lucky to more then 100kbps. Usually is around 30kbps. At 3am I can get 1.5 Mbps. In my area, Sprint just has not updated the network in years.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone is being throttled. I think it’s just that at the time you people are using the net, it’s jam-packed with other users and there isn’t enough bandwidth to go around. Simple. I use the net for mobile netflix at 5pm and I might be getting 100-300kbps but I do it at midnight and it’s like 1.0-1.6mbps, keep in mind this on 3G!

    Know why iPhone users use less than android users? Cuz they can’t root their phones and install free tethering apps and use bittorrent applications on their computers! That and there are a fraction of iPhone users compared to Android users. Android is open-source. There’s no stopping this people. Unlimited will not stay that way forever. And with all these complaints, you will be seeing data caps soon. You can bet on that!

  • Thought

    I know this to be true. I just got 3 iPhone 4 ‘s for me and the Fam and we live way out next to Mount Baker. I get 3G one bar here, when I go to town in Bellingham I get full bars and speeds are exactly the same when I run the speednet app. I have never in the whole week I have owned this phone seen it download any faster than 120-200KB, NOT NEVER.

    Even with constant running of downloads nearly 24/7 for the whole first week I have only hit 8.4GB. PAINSTAKINGLY SLOW. A whole hour for one Gig………zzzzzZZZZzzzzz

    Current speed check from the mountain valley:
    #1: 796ms, 0.00 Up, 0.15 Down
    #2: 1024ms, 0.03 Up, 0.12 Down
    #3: 966ms, 0.06 Up, 0.19 Down
    #4: 943ms, 0.06 Up, 0.17 Down

    When in town the up improves dramatically but the down stays about the same never ever have I seen it go over 1Mbps in either Up/Down. NEVER, not even close! This is trickery, desception, a corprate hussle or, I pray it to be true, a network problem due to millions of iPhones moving to Sprint. Either way the system is hampered, throttled, sub par, inadequate, something.

    Truthfully, Here, Here, to the Unlimited Data, in one week I hit over 8GB’s, any other network carrier would be putting the hurt on me. I figure if my speeds were faster on another network I would be through the roof with data overages. Sprint may be slow but it is ok compared to the dial up we had out here in the hills pulling a MAX of 3KBps. Not to mention the local wifi at the market only goes around 150KB, so the sprint iPhone 4 matches that at its best.