• Thu, Feb 11th, 2016
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Sprint’s Partial Holiday Lineup Leaked, Transform Ultra and Duracore In Santa’s Bag

Posted In Featured, News - By Joe Fedewa On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 7:23pm PST With 21 Comments

It’s November 2nd and the holiday lineups are already being sent to us by our Super Spies. So what is Santa packing in his bag for Sprintsters this year? First up is the Samsung Transform Ultra. We’ve seen this phone on Boost Mobile, but it’s also coming to Sprint too. On November 13th the Transform Ultra will launch for $79.99. It comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.3, front facing camera, 3MP rear camera, and 1GHz processor.

Next up is the Kyocera DuraCore. This direct-connect device will also be launched on November 13th, and it will cost $69.99. No specs are listed for this one, but now we know Sprint will be placing candy inspired displays around the sales floor. That’s cool…right?

About - Joe is a tech enthusiast. He's been interested in phones ever since he used his first one. Since then he's evolved from flip phones to smartphones, and become even more obsessed with everything in mobile tech. He brings his fresh style of tech blogging and graphic design skills to SprintFeed.

  • http://briefmobile.com/ Korey Nicholson

    The Samsung Transform Ultra was already announced by Sprint awhile back for Sprint. It’s launching on 11/13 along with numerous other devices.

  • Perry Ahern

    There’s a distinct lack of Nexus-y goodness in this lineup leak. We are not pleased. Oh great Sprint, please show us the way to the Nexus…

  • Oversight68

    I doubt we will any Nexus-y goodness this year.

  • Steve Wear

    Anything like HTC’s Rezound coming to Sprint?

  • Ryan

    How could the kyocera duracore cost $69.99 When the kyocera duramax cost the same price and it has a camera and you can dunk the duramax in the water?

  • Brian Wenger

    Sprint’s probably not gonna get any top-end android phones for a while because 1) They’re broke from getting the iPhone, and 2) They have the iPhone. Fail.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t have any choice but to offer the iPhone. Unless, of course, they wanted to keep losing customers to AT&T or Verizon. The SGS2 is their high end offering for the balance of the year. I would actually be surprised if they launched any flagship devices until Q2/Q3, when they are ready to light up the LTE network.

  • Brian Wenger

    The scary thing is that at this moment in time, it’s a great time to dump Sprint and go to Verizon, if you can handle the higher rates. If everything Sprint is planning actually goes through, when it’s time for an upgrade two years from now, Sprint should be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Sprint better step their game up. I’m due for an upgrade December 1 and their current lineup is lacking top options beyond the Photon or Epic 4G Touch.

  • Stephen

    Others have already stated the obvious, Sprint is allowing a clear path with no resistance (alternative choice) to the iphone. Given Sprint’s financial commitment to Apple, this is an understandable action. However, Verizon is starting to pound the consumer with great new phone options – Motorola Droid Razr and now the just announced HTC Rezound. Granted both are Android and the OS may not appeal to everyone. It will be an interesting choice for Sprint customers who come off contract in the next several months – keep the lower monthly bill or leave and go with a better device.

  • Rdmapr

    This is crap. I want ANDROID PHONES NOT ROTTEN APPLES. If Sprint forgets how they got back on track with great Android phones I will be leaving to ATT or Verizon.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Sprint isn’t going to spill the beans early if they are getting it.

  • Brian Wenger

    I’m leaning towards the latter.

  • Anonymous

    I hoping on some good ol’ LTE goodness sometime in June-July of next year. Yeah for two year upgrades…

  • Anonymous

    iPhone is just vendor trash. Epic 4G Touch is pretty epic. But Galaxy Nexus is legendary. I mean did anyone else pop a bone watching the ICS announcement? I hope I wasn’t the only one.

  • Brian Wenger

    I did too.

  • Oversight68

    iPhone or not, I don’t have any reason not to expect Sprint to follow up the SGS2 or the EVO3D with other high end Android devices, just not at the same clip Verizon pushes new Droid’s out.

    It seems that Verizon pushes out a new Droid every other month. The problem is that they are all pretty much the same, with the occasional stand out like the RAZR, Rezound and the Nexus. At least I know that if Sprint does forget about that segment of their user base that doesn’t drink iKool-aid, there are lots of other options out there.

  • Oversight68

    Agreed. I would expect the next big HTC and Samsung flagship devices will incorporate LTE radios. I just hope they figure out a way to offer decent battery life.

  • Guest

    Yeah, terrible options. Photon is basically the same as bionic and atrix2, and the Epic Touch is one of the best phones ever. No it’s not a nexus, but you can’t say they’re lacking top options! seriously, what do you people want??

  • Anonymous

    I mentioned the Photon and Epic Touch as Sprint’s top options. I’m wondering what is coming to sprint other than the stupid iphone, because it doesn’t sound like much. It’s looking like they just gave up on new high-end android phones while Verizon and AT&T haven’t stopped to breathe.

  • eliasg torres

    Broke?. There the riches carrier.