• Fri, Feb 12th, 2016
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[Rumor] Sprint Introducing at Least Three Windows Phones in First Half of 2012

Posted In Featured, News - By Mark Hearn On Saturday, December 17th, 2011 10:50am PST With 26 Comments

If Sprint’s smartphone lineup were a recipe, it would look something like this: heavy on the Android, a sprinkle of BlackBerry, a dash of iPhone, and a pinch of Windows Phone. However we’re hearing that the chefs at Sprint are planning on adding a little more Mango flavoring soon. Looking to diversify, the going word is that the Now Network is finally ready to show the folks from Redmond a little love.

If this pans out, Sprint customers can expect at least three Windows Phone devices during the first half of 2012. Looking at Sprint’s current position, this move definitely makes sense. Putting it mildly, Sprint’s present 4G setup is stuck in the mud. Windows Phone’s current 3G only strategy fits nicely with Sprint’s current situation.

This has the makings of a win-win situation, as Windows Phone would increase its stateside availability and Sprint’s catalog would see some needed growth. As far as device details are concerned, nothing clear has been mentioned. But looking at Windows Phone’s near-uniformed specifications and their current list of hardware manufacturers, Nokia, Samsung and HTC are our leading suspects. With CES on the horizon and a lonely HTC Arrive in our rear-view mirror, we’re saying bring on the Ballmer!

About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Tommy Thompson

    It’s a win, win for some. I would still like to see some high end Android devices.

  • Anonymous

    Now this is a rumor I can get on board with!

  • TEE

    I agree with Tommy

  • Anonymous

    too late. they missed the holiday shopping season where the majority of phones are sold.

  • Anonymous

    Good news. Windows Phone is a definite weakness in the Sprint lineup. They carry the iPhone, lots of Android and just the HTC Arrive. The Arrive is a nice handset, but it is definitely dated. Something in the Titan or Vigor range would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any doubt Sprint will have at least a couple top shelf Android devices next year. Maybe a true follow up to the original EVO, SGS3, maybe some iteration of the GNexus, and certainly something to launch the LTE network with.

  • Anonymous

    Say it IS so!!!!!

  • Enflu3nza

    i hope this is true, i would KILL for a lumia 800 or 900!
    as long as they come soon tho or else im switching to AT&T…but i hate capped data…

  • Anonymous

    Every time my wife and I are ready to leave Sprint, they pull some great announcement and we stay for another year. We’re SERO holdouts so as long as we can keep that plan we’re not going to find any better rates. Even though we’re reluctant to jump ship, if they don’t come with a stronger WP7 lineup it will be time to let that 14 years of service with them go.

  • Gerryf19

    I can see it now come March….”Oh wow! Great phones! I will see you in 1.75 years after my AT&T contract expires because you didn’t introduce these phones when you were supposed to…that assumes Sprint isn’t out of business or bought up by someone else.”

  • SheriffBart

    My 2 year upgrade is due in April. With Blackberry now, but these Win7 phones look pretty cool. I love the idea of Microsoft Office built in, along with Skydrive makes it the total package.
    My only concern is the number of apps. Apple and Android have a huge head start.

  • Tommy Thompson

    I’m sure they will too, but the longer they wait the more people will leave for all the highend devices that have released on Verizon. It’s been what, like 5 or more highend phones in a span of 2 months from verizon? And two from Spint in the span of 4 months..

  • Humboldt_Honcho

    @sheriffBart-yes there are FEWER apps,but I would say the majority of usable and/or popular apps either are on the marketplace or are coming soon,I am reading more and more about developers getting into WP since mango. I am a former winmo(TP2) android(hero) and apple owner,very happy with WP7.5. Hope you give it a try.

  • http://www.laylebaker.com/ Layle Baker

    Too late… i wanted a Windows phone, but had no idea when they would be available and WHAT would be available.

    I already know about the Arrive, and didn’t want that.

  • http://twitter.com/WWW2000 www 2000

    YES this is totally TRUE. Cant wait get New Windows phone 7.5 Mango or Tango. People saying not true are just trolls dont be jealous just because sprint will get New Windows phone 7.5 in 2012. Also will enjoy my Unlimitted Data while you others will be paying big bills like your ATT and Verizon carriers. :)

  • http://twitter.com/WWW2000 www 2000

    Troll your just jealous your stuck with your Tier plan and not getting unlimitted plan :) Yes it is true sprint will be getting a high end windows phone 7.5 in 2012. Now go and cry. :) -

  • http://twitter.com/WWW2000 www 2000

    Android? sure if you want to get Malware Virus and laggy battery eatting android be my quess :)

  • Tommy Thompson

    I’ve had Android for the past 3 years and haven’t had any issues with malware, it’s called not being an idiot. I also haven’t had laggy software because I don’t buy low end BS and my battery lasts 17hrs with 50% or more left. Keep trying..

  • Pokershark

    I hope not windows phones suck. How about you get a keyboard phone because believe it or not people still want them. Windows= epic fail

  • Guest

    ESL? That comment made no sense. Try again.

  • Anonymous

    The only windows phone sprint currently has…. Has a keyboard. Genius.

  • Jas

    This is a true blessing. I adore my Motorola Photon 4G — but Windows Phone is surely a better choice. I do also own a Dell Venue Pro but it’s being used as a glorified Zune player at this time because I cannot connect it to Sprint. Hmmm… I wonder if with some clever tinkering and the Spring SIM card I could make it work?

  • Anonymous

    I know your lying about having 17 hours of battery life. I see maybe ur phone was on standby

  • Tommy Thompson

    Afraid not. I have no reason to lie

  • Goosedyou

    I would love this to be true. Unfortunately, Sprint is on hands and knees taking it from Apple and giving it to Google at the same time. No room for WP.

  • Bmomin1

    I am in the same situation as hysonmb who’s comment is below. I have been with sprint for 10+ years and will be forced to leave soon if Sprint does not get a new windows phone, or at least make and announcement as to when they will be getting new windows phones. There are at least six newer ones out there than the HTC Arrive. Talk to me Sprint. I am willing to pay an extra in plan fees to have a newer Windows 7.5 or 8 phone.