• Sun, Feb 7th, 2016
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Sprint Changing Discount Policy Starting February 2nd 2012, It Just Might Cost You

Posted In Featured, News - By Mark Hearn On Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 5:01pm PST With 48 Comments

A few months ago Sprint underwent a handful of changes that weren’t too appealing. Many blamed the coming of the iPhone, which definitely was the culprit for some of the Now Network’s policy changes. However, looking at the meat of things, a company does need money to run.

With that said, we’re hoping that we’ve braced you for today’s bit of bad news. Our beloved Super Spies have obtained an interesting piece of intel that outs yet another Sprint policy change. Starting on February 1st 2012, Sprint will no longer offer discounts on secondary lines. This means if you’re currently receiving any type of discount on your monthly bill on an account with multiple lines, you can expect your bill to receive a slight increase.

Once in effect, Sprint will move the charge of $19.99 from your plan’s primary line to its secondary line. Depending on the percentage of your discount, you’ll see a dollar increase in the amount of your discount percentage based off of $19.99. For example: If your discount is 25%, under the new policy you’d take 25% of $19.99 to determine your new monthly increase. In the example given, your increase would be approximately five dollars.

This new change will definitely help Sprint save some cash. However we’re wondering if it may come at a cost of a few customers? Please keep in mind that this will only affect customers receiving discounts on their monthly bill with multiple lines, which means a lot of you are exempt from this change. In the meantime, here’s to hoping Sprint puts that new cash to good use, like getting that LTE network up and running.


About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Igobyzach

    I’m thinking that this counts as a material change in our agreements, am I right?

  • Guest

    I love that people complain when a DISCOUNT is removed. God forbid they put their sense of entitlement away and realize companies need money to continue to grow and perform at higher levels. Something that, if it didn’t happen, would cause those same people to gripe. Get over it.

  • Houstonperez

    I was thinking/hoping the same thing!!!

  • Joe

    I believe this would change the agreement terms for those users. I was with Sprint a few years ago and a similar change was made where only the first two lines could receive the discount this change was made while i was under contract and had 5 lines. This allowed me to cancel all 5 lines on my account with no termination fees. Now this seems to be similar only going a step further.

  • Guest

    I’m no lawyer, but I doubt it. They’ll probably claim that they’re not materially changing the plan, just the discount, and that the discount is not part of the contract.

  • Guest

    Then this would be a good time to buy iPhones on additional lines, get them unlocked, and then sell them internationally as unlocked GSM phones. I just doubt that Sprint is going to let this work as a way to avoid ETFs.

  • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

    Could have sworn this already happened? Like a few months ago…? No? O_o

  • Guest

    They did on the third line of an family account. Now it will also apply to line 2 which still currently has the discount since its included in the primary line cost.

  • Ramses Israel

    Will this allow us to cancel our contract cuz I
    Pissed of them

  • A Sprint Mole

    I work for corporate Sprint in sales. I applaude Sprint for aligning with Verizon Wireless and at&t with their discounts by only discounting the primary line of a shared plan just as when Sprint doubled the upgrade fee from $18 to $36. Sprint still has the best value in wireless when you consider neither Verizon Wireless not at&t give unlimited data access from their wireless handsets nor free 7 pm nights and weekends for all landline calls.

  • Anonymous

    While you might see the discount as an entitlement, I saw it as a reason to switch to Sprint and sign a 2 year contract for more minutes/data at less cost. Now, in the four months I’ve been on that contract, they have changed the data rules for tethering and now are raising the cost of my second line. I don’t think it is a sense of entitlement that leads me to expect Sprint to honor a contract. I’m sure Mr. Hess would be upset if I sent him a note that due to the economy, I need to save some money, and will be reducing the amount I send in every month.

  • Bjohnson239

    Imagine working in account services with these stupid changes,,,,

  • Anonymous

    I’m not so sure. I recently had a discount applied and had to REsign a two year contract in order to get it. Would be super lame if it was pulled only after having it for 4 months.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes, hooray for Sprint! Keep it up and you will have nixed every reason I signed up with you and recommended you to friends. Applause all the way around for slowly taking away your best features. Unlimited data, IMO, is the only leg they have left to stand on. Hopefully they don’t eff that up too.

  • Steve Miller

    Yes, aligning with Verizon and AT&T is probably is a good way to make Sprint original!….NOT.
    If Sprint are going to ‘Align’ then give us the services that the other companies have instead of the meagre network coverage and speed we get now.
    You pay for what you get in this world and if Sprint want to align their pricing with Verizon, everybody is going to jump ship becuase the only difference will be the better coverage that Verizon and AT&T offer.

  • Jeremy Podolski

    If you have a family plan, the plan should get the discount, not just one line on the plan. That’s like a grocery store saying that three of the bananas in your bunch are on sale but the other three are going to be full price.

  • Zani

    I doubt it materially changes anything because the discount is a benefit and not part of the service. I am guessing it won’t be a free pass to get out of your contract or they would not be making the change.

  • Anonymous

    Well T-Mobile has been trying hard to be just like AT&T and Verizon and their customer base is shrinking. I guess Sprint figures it is better to be just like everyone else so they can be different :/. I still have a personal cellular account with them but have had zero interest in upgrading or signing for additional services. My company uses Sprint but if there are substantial cost increases we will probably jump to Verizon.

    Unlimited data would be great except when it is doled out as such slow speeds as to be irrelevant. I can either have unlimited data throttled to the point it is almost useless or I can have limited data but fast. Personally I take the limited data.

  • Firecar25

    Its part of the family plan when I signed my two year contract with 4 lines, this is definitely a breech of contractural agreement. Reason why they are not advertising it or informing anyone willingfully. They are going to tell that you free from your contract. The spin they are going tell you is to provide better service and LTE data. Only thing keeping me on sprint is unlimited data which probably go with the LTE upgarde.

  • Anonymous

    A nickel here, a dime there. Next year this time we’ll be wondering WTF Sprint became Verizon. “It was so gradual, we never even noticed!”

  • Anonymous

    Sprint is increasing my bills but can you please increase my damn data speeds too???

  • A Sprint Mole

    Well Master Bates, Sprint is the only wireless carrier to also have nights and weekends starting at 7pm instead of 9pm i.e. 40 hours of free calling per month.

  • A Sprint Mole

    Be grateful you at least get unlimited data where as both at&t and Verizon Wireless capped their data limited and T-Mobile throttles their speed.

  • Anonymous

    How silly of me to leave out that major detail!

  • Anonymous

    Unlimited means nothing if it is unusable…
    I dont mind changes that increase cost but also includes a better quality of service

  • http://profiles.google.com/jeremy.meiss Jeremy Meiss

    Seriously… this is your response? Explains a lot if you truly do work for Sprint

  • http://profiles.google.com/jeremy.meiss Jeremy Meiss

    Wow – that is no longer a selling point Sprint. You have the Anytime Anyone – most of the people we call anyways are on Mobile phones – so it is free anyways. And if we do need to make a phone call before 9p we can use our Anytime minutes. Hardly anyone uses them anymore – why does Sprint keep using this as a clincher?

  • http://profiles.google.com/jeremy.meiss Jeremy Meiss

    yes. It’s a material change – check the ToS which clearly identifies how they calculate discounts as part of the material change clause.

  • http://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

    Sprint has a right to change their policy, you’re right. When they do, and violate the terms of our agreement, I have the right to leave them, especially if the reason why i joined them was to save money from other expensive carriers. Sprint is the only carrier offering truly unlimited data, and, I cant complain, but if i cant afford it, well, I cant afford it.

  • http://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

    Tmobile is also significantly cheaper than anything on the 3 other major networks.

  • http://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

    at 36$ how the hell is an “upgrade” fee any different than an activation fee, especially when I am still paying for the replacement device.

  • Exxwing

    After trying my friend’s Skyrocket on ATT and being amazed at the speeds, I just might be willing to pay the long money and switch if they let me in Feb. Who knows when we will really get LTE and what new costs might come with it. I can’t do much downloading on 3G and I’m rarely in a 4G area, so what good is unlimited data? I pay for a discounted 3 lines now, but not if I can get out of it in Feb.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter if your data is unlimited if its to slow to enjoy or

  • Anonymous

    Idk id rather still pay 80 bucks a month with no throttle or extra fees and the bs other carriers carry on with. So what, how many people needs discounts on there second line, unless your a business but this isn’t for businesses but regular people. People are bugging out about changes here and there but everyone has to do it. It’s not like they wanted to, they have to sacrifice for the sake to do everything they can for their customers. Same with Verizon with added stuff, can’t say the same for greedy atnt but sprint is trying. What they do we find stupid but try being in that board room, with limited options and limited money, you do what you can

  • Anonymous

    And for this unlimited argument, I’ll take a not so horribly slow network that I can use as much as I want than have fast speeds and can barely use it… To the point it gets slowed down like wtf people

  • Anonymous

    Then go to Verizon for your fast speeds and watch it slow worst than sprint. Come on be serious now.

  • Anonymous

    Sprint is making a “Material change” in the fact that a line that was “Free”will now be $19.99 a month. The total plan price may not be increasing, but they are in fact raising the cost of that 2nd line.

    They have changed the T&C many times recently to make an ETF free termination harder and harder according to their one sided agreement. They claim the right to make changes at any time,and want to claim those changes are not technically a “material change” because of their definition of what a material change has become.

    If they were like Verizon, they would wait till the end of the contract to make changes. Verizon is looking more and more like an appealing option.

  • Punwik

    This is so like sprint! I have seen so many changes since I have been with sprint and its been a dollar here a dollar there and now its going to go up 5 more dollars a month! When is enough enough? With the slow data speeds and the shitty reception they will be out of business really soon if they keep up this crap without better service. Hell sprint at least give us what we pay all this money for! I live in dallas and I have yet to even use my 4G that I pay an extra $10 a month for. The 4G they give us is so spotty and unreliable that you can even use it continuously! Im about ready to flash my phone to metro piece of Sh!t.

  • Bigposse

    Where did this clip come from? Was it from a news article? I just want to know how legit it is, because I went back and checked my bills for the past several months and found no notice of this discount policy change. And yes, I’m looking to get out if it does….

  • Sandruhhbaby

    The Legitimacy of the article I’m not sure, but it did say that changes will begin on feb. 1st of 2012, so look out for it!

  • Anonymous


    Verizon already has more customers than Sprint and invest in their coverage and data.

  • Lhilldaddyof4

    are you sure and is this really happening because there is such a fine line of what they can do and it always says subject to change and how and when do we find out is that the same as raising a bill or making you pay an extra five because of spending account because they never told us we could get out but from what you say i hope so i cant wait

  • Mav

    Yes this is a material change but one must need to talk with “Retentions” Rep NOT CS Rep. This is basically a get out of jail free, that’s right NO ETF!

    So on that note if you want to leave DO IT NOW or forever hold your peace cause gaurantee it’s for a limited time only.

    Don’t take no for an answer but be curtiouse trust me it goes along way. Just explain to them that it’s a material change in contract and do the math so you can at least sound intelligent when presenting your case.

    I have been on Sprint’s FB page and talked with many ppl and some who wanted to leave have been doing it, one just has to act and act now.

    Remember if your leaving to another carrier but would like to keep the same number then tell the Rep you want to port but keep in mind you’ll have a time frame to complete the transaction.


    Peace Out ✌☮

  • Nancy

    Yes you have 30 days to get out of it etf free.

  • Jerryizc0ol

    hey what would i have to tell sprint when i call them in order to get out of my contract

  • Gator2856

    I am a retired educator and was notified I have to verify my work status using the employee email address. Since I retired, I do not have a email address but I do receive a state pension from TEA. I do still work for the district but as a substitute. Will I loose my discounts?

  • Cory

    How does a teacher confuse “loose” with “lose”?

  • Lori

    My husban upgraded and nothing was said about needing to verify to keep the discount. SO next bill comes and Sprint fees are increased and other fees are increased and my bill goes up. I realize a company needs money to run BUT we paid $10 per line extra because of their 4 G special lines they were going to have that were different from other providers and now that has fallen through. Well what is it 3 years later and I still don’t have 4 G but I have been paying for it. It is just crazy.