• Fri, Feb 12th, 2016
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Sprint Offering Early Upgrades Through End of 2011

Posted In Deals, Featured, News - By Mark Hearn On Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 5:58am PST With 63 Comments

Want a new phone, but you’re not eligible for an upgrade just yet? Well, we may have some good news for you! Our most excellent Super Spies have shared another hot piece of intel with us. Sprint is currently running a bit of a silent internal promotion. Running now through December 31st, select Premiere customer accounts are being flagged for an early upgrade.

We’re being told that this is an in-store only offer (corporate stores only) and requires that the customer’s account be reviewed by a sales rep for specific promotional codes. If qualified, you’ll have the option of an early device upgrade in lieu of your of your next eligible upgrade. With Premiere soon ending, this seems to be a quick method to drive some year end sales.

With the exception of iDEN devices, all Sprint CDMA handsets appear to be eligible for this special offer. If you’re a Premiere customer in good standing, why not give this a shot? Just remember to make sure that you visit an actual Sprint corporate store and not an authorized retailer.


About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • http://www.laylebaker.com/ Layle Baker

    Would this work for additional lines on the account? We have a family plan with 5 lines (one is new and 2 were upgraded recently), have two other lines that could use an upgrade, be nice to take advantage. Our account had the premiere status, but that seem to only apply for the primary line anyways.

  • Jay Williams

    How do I know if which are actual Sprint corporate stores and which are simply authorized retailers? Is there a list of Sprint corporate stores online?

  • http://twitter.com/ikeydude ikey

    after sprint took away their premier program, i was not gonna be eligible to upgrade till sometime in october 2012. so i was like i’ll just wait till then and use my upgrade on an LTE phone.
    if i do upgrade now will i lose my 2012 october upgrade?
    someone please answer this question for me

  • Ramses Israel

    Do you think it matters if you got the iPhone? But I’ve been with sprint for about a year and a half?

  • http://twitter.com/gregwlsn Greg Wilson

    No. Read the screenshot closely.

  • http://twitter.com/gregwlsn Greg Wilson


  • http://twitter.com/gregwlsn Greg Wilson

    Yes. Use the store locator. If it says “Sprint Store by (whoever)”, then it’s not corporate.

  • Stephen

    Thank you for the info. This site is great for Sprint news you can use.
    As for the Early Upgrade – I am (or was before the company did away with the program, eff Jan 1) a Premiere customer, however, I have no interest in obligating myself to Sprint for two more years. I am less than six months from being contract free. Sprint’s current network situation combined with no clear vision for improvement (and the ten dollar data surcharge) are pushing me toward another carrier (when my current obligation to Sprint expires). This is a smart move by Sprint. The carrier needs to lock in as many customers as possible over the next six months.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz ✔

    Seeing as how you have to be a HIGH VALUE premier customer for this to happen, that means NO ONE ON SILVER Premier gets it… Only high value GOLD. Sprint is trying to get you to get a phone TODAY rather than in the next year (the last Gold Premier upgrades are good till Dec 31 2012) so that way you cant upgrade to an LTE set for really cheap. Its Sprints way of screwing the consumer.

    Shame they didnt want to offer me this cause even with the network issues Id have stayed longer than my contract term expiring next year. Then Im back to AT&T – Better coverage, 10x faster 3G data, and the price is the same as I pay for Sprint.

  • Ramses Israel

    Doesn’t it say iPhone eligible?

  • Anonymous

    won’t upgrade until the LTE iPhone comes out next year.

  • Juniorc60

    Just got off phone with Sprint asked if any of my three lines qualified… Was shot down even though I am eligible for upgrade in bout thirty days. . Thanks Sprint :P

  • Anonymous

    My firm gave me a Sprint iPhone 4S back in October. Personally I have no problem waiting two years for an LTE based iPhone. I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a multitude of issues with the first generation LTE iPhone. Apple seems to do better with their odd-year devices. Both the 3GS and 4S are IMHO superior models to the original iPhone, the 3G and the 4. In fact, the 3GS is still available as a new device showing it does have staying power. I myself am more than willing to hold out for an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and let the early adopters figure out what is wrong with the LTE iPhone 5.

  • TJ

    what is a premiere customer? Im thinking of getting an iPhone on sprint in atlanta but am terrified by all the web articles about how terrible the sprint network is for data and customers complaining that they can’t get anything done?

  • UsedToBeASprintEvangelist

    Been with Sprint since August of 1999 (12+ years). Have 5 phone lines, 1 Airave, 1 Netbook, $129.99 Family Plan +3 $19.99 add a lines = 5 Iines, $10.00 premium data on 3 lines (about to be 4), $8.000 TEP on 5 lines. Bill is over $335.00 per month. I called *2 and of course they couldn’t help me, then transferred me to Account Services and told them about the promotion, they (of course) didn’t know anything about this promotion, they offered me to escalate me to a supervisor, I reluctantly said OK, waited for 20 minutes, the supervisor finally came on and gave the same response “we don’t know anything about the offer and you’re not eligible”, I offered to send them the link to this site so they could at least be informed about what their customers may be calling and inquiring about and the supervisor was not interested in reading the article.

    Sprint has really, really regressed in Customer Service in the last 4 to 5 months. Once the iPhone was secured they’ve cut every customer perk (1 year Premier primary line upgrades, re-instituted activation ($18 or $36 seems to vary by the week) fee charges, shifting 2nd line charges to the second line so as to not be able to get your company discount on the $19.99). With the exception of (currently very unreliable in my area) unlimited data (their 3G network is seriously lagging ATT and T-Mobile) there is not much that Sprint offers over the competition except slightly cheaper rates.

    I so fed up with Sprint that I wish I could switch to another carrier. Before anyone says that the promotion was (in-store) only, I want to clarify that I called Customer Care just to check if I was eligible, before I made the trip into the store only to waste my time with even less informed representatives. Going to a Sprint Corporate Store for anything than buying a new phone or accessory is a exercise in complete futility.

    If anyone can’t tell I am really, really frustrated with the new Sprint! I wish someone at Sprint would realize how (some of) their existing loyal customers are feeling these days.

  • http://www.laylebaker.com/ Layle Baker

    Sprints network IS overworked. I can get things done, it’s not that BAD, but certainly not the fastest ever. They are actively improving the network now. I would wait 6 months and see if it really bothers you. That being said, even with some of the pricing changes recently, the bill you get is *usually* pretty simple and doesn’t have a lot of surprises in it.

    I am in Tulsa, the network here is OK, but everyone else is faster, at least right now.

    Also premiere customers are customer who have already been on Sprint for a while, bill in good standing, and their basic plan is like $70/mo (for Silver) OR like $130-ish/mo (for Gold, which this targets).

  • http://www.laylebaker.com/ Layle Baker

    That ALL being said, I believe the promotion is pretty much only really circulated to employees IN an actual corporate Sprint STORES (*i think*), so going through phone-based customer service may get you nowhere anyways.

    My customer service has been pretty good also, most times, when I call with a problem, they usually get it resolved without any major incident.

  • Qwdqwdwqd

    “in-store only offer (corporate stores only)”

    I wish people would read the whole article!

  • UsedToBeASprintEvangelist

    I DID read the whole article and you can see in my post that I said “Before anyone says that the promotion was (in-store) only, I want to clarify that I called Customer Care just to check if I was eligible, before I made the trip into the store only to waste my time with even less informed representatives.” If Account Services doesn’t know about the offer, then I highly doubt retail store reps at this busy time of the year are going to be aware of this promotion.

  • UsedToBeASprintEvangelist

    Bottom line… after years of explaining the virtues of Sprint to my friends and family members, I am taking my 7 individual liable lines I am most likely going to flip the switch to Verizon or AT&T next year line by line as each phone comes off contract, and if Sprint kills unlimited data, then it’s a 100% done deal. Sorry to be negative but Sprint is just not the same as they used to be. They’ve taken any and all incentive to stay with them.

  • None

    The offer is for retail stores only. CS or AS do not have access to the offer as they use a diffirent system to access accounts than retail.

  • Johndeleon0

    I would not get another phone on Sprint especially an iPhone which I would like. Saw a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone on the Sprint and AT&T network, and the one on the AT&T network far out performed the Sprint iPhone.

  • codeman510


  • V Rios85

    I did call Sprint customer care and asked them to check my account and asked them about this promo and they said that there is such a promotion but for me, since I am not eligible until March, they said I would pay an early termination fee which, for me, is only $50 and have to talk to a rep from another department. So I decided to forgo the offer for now but might just go for it at the last minute and get the iPhone 4S.

  • Idolized1982

    Thank you so much for this article! I walked into my local Sprint store last night and I qualified… Picked up an iPhone 4s!

  • Dfine1966

    The two corporate stores near me didn’t even hear of this promotion. What made you qualified? How long did you left until you would of been qualified for upgrade?

  • http://www.laylebaker.com/ Layle Baker


  • Novakrepair

    100% not fake i work for sprint, trust me this is real

  • Dfine1966

    Great, but not if some of the Corporate stores know nothing of it.

  • Ztkells

    I called my Sprint corporate store and was told I am available! I’m not supposed to have an upgrade until July so I am excited and using this on a phone during their after Christmas sale. I am only a sprint silver premier member as well for an FYI.

  • 123456789Guest

    I went to the Sprint store in my town on the 18th, and wasn’t even given an opportunity to upgrade. You think if i go in with this as proof of available upgrade they would allow me to?

  • http://www.laylebaker.com/ Layle Baker

    I went to a local store to upgrade 2 other lines on my account. They were aware of the promotion, however, the rep at the store told me that the lines needed to be at least a year old, at least in my case. These were a little over 10 months old only.

    I was told that Sprint is looking to do 20 month upgrades instead of 22 in the future, for everyone else. Not sure how true that is.

  • http://twitter.com/L0stInH011ywood ricardo

    cool story bro.

  • Mrj88

    If your CSR at the store tells you no. Call Sprint tech support and they will take care of it! I went through hell to get my upgrade but I got it.

  • Dfine1966

    How did you convince them. I am a Gold Premier for 13 years, 3 lines, good standing. Went into Corp today and they said they haven’t heard of the promotion. Said I am not eligible. How do I get them to to upgrade one of my lines?

  • Mrj88

    Call sprint directly they will check if you are eligible and if you are they will add a credit to your account. I did it in store and they told me it would take 30 minutes to take effect and it ended up taking 15. A lot of the stores are not aware of the promotion and take some convincing to honor it.

  • SheriffBart

    I called my local Sprint Store, and they told me I was not eligible. I asked them who was getting the upgrades, and he told me that those who have been with Sprint for 3-4 years or more were getting them. I’ve only been with Sprint for 18 months. Not sure if that was BS, but that’s what they told me. Bummer.

  • Vicks1008

    thats why you pay more to be on AT&T..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mii123me Alex James Simon

    They said it will work for me! Keep trying if they say no! ITS REAL!

  • royalwillis

    The store in Beaufort SC claims that they have never heard of this promotion, it’s a scam, and they are adamant that it’s not true. I called *2 also and they said the same thing – never heard of the promotion. I have been with sprint for 8 years and have 2 lines. No one I can find will admit this exists. Suggestions?

  • Vicks1008

    Ask them if they could use the RMS Offer tool to see if you have any promotions available for your account.

  • Guest

    I went to my local Sprint corporate store with my wife yesterday. I’m a premier silver customer. I walked into the Sprint store, told them I wanted to upgrade my phone without mentioning this promotion, the store associate checked, and my wife and I were due for upgrades. We were supposed to get an upgrade in June. Thanks for posting this promotion.

  • guest

    Will the upgrade work if you are a Sprint Premier Silver Customer?

  • Al

    Promotion works. I call our corporate sprint store and they were able to verify that both lines on my plan were eligible for this promotion. Upgraded both lines today. I also checked at a non-corporate store before contacting the corporate one and they knew about nothing of this.

    I’m a Silver Premier customer, both lines were about 250 days away from an upgrade, just had to sign the 2 yr contract.

  • Angela Renee

    This is what a sprint agent told me after many attempts to have this promo code applied
    “Agent: I would like to inform that it does not have sprint logo on it and we have forwarded the information to our higher authority to check this website.
    Agent: Please ignore this site as it is misleading at all.
    I removed his name for privacy. I have contaced my local cooperate store and they informed me the offer is valid. It sounds like Sprint needs to retrain their agents so everyone is on the same page. No wonder sprint’s customer service is rated among the worst in the industry!

  • Knockers727

    I just came home with my brand new iPhone 4S, thanks for the tip!!!!

  • Jhben2000

    If I upgraded to an iPhone 4S in October, would I be eligible to take on this offer? I believe I am a Gold premier member.

  • Jhben2000

    Because I am a Gold premier and get annual upgrade (if they didnt’ terminate the Premier program, that is), I should be getting my next upgrade in October 2012, right?

    So since my annual upgrade is before Dec 31, 2012, I should qualify for this promotion, correct?

  • Asburylawncare

    i think is even working in tigerdirect stores,my buddy which it wasnt available for upgrade til sept 2012 walked in to tigerdirect and was checking out the phones there and a salesman approach him and my buddy told the employer that he knew he wasnt available til sept 2012 and i also look up his upgrade due date few months ago on wirefly when he ask me to and it shows 9/2012 anyway the tigerdirect phone section salesman found him to be elegible and walked out with a new samsung s2 for $149.99

  • Steve

    Will this promotion waive the upgrade fee?

  • http://www.twitter.com/nickchester NickC

    I actually called Sprint corporate and was told this was a retail-only promotion. So I’m going to give it a shot in a store tonight or tomorrow.

  • Guest

    Totally worked for my wife’s phone! She was not due until November of 2012. I walked into the store and told them about this promo. Walked out with a brand new iphone 4s! Did not try with my Daughter’s phone which is also due for upgrade on 10/2012 but I’m sure it would probably work.

  • Guest

    Forgot to say that you have made me a loyal reader of this blog. Thanks for the tip!

  • Venus21pam

    Hm, I just left the Sprint store and they told me I wasn’t eligible…the rep told me my upgrade date was too far ahead which is Jan 1st, 2013. But I saw someone here that wasn’t eligible till Nov 2012 and was able to upgrade…any comments? Maybe the rep didn’t look for the right promo??

  • Deware3

    Sprint premiere gold customer with 5 lines and 13 years. It didn’t work for my husband. He is due in July 2012 so went into corporate store today. They said he was not eligible.

  • Dwaylonb87

    1st went to a sprint store they said they didnt know anything
    2nd Called customer care to see if they knew anything they said they knew nothing of it and since it said ” corporate store” to call one so she gave me a number of one near me
    3rd Called the store the man didn’t know anything about it and said I had to be two weeks away from my upgrade in order to do it early
    4th I got a number of a corporate store from web site and contacted them. After I explained what I was calling for he said ” yes we do that I just have to check your account, and after checking 2 of my 5 lines at eligible

    I also asked why the other stores didn’t know and he had no idea why, so don’t give up it does work

  • Dwaylonb87

    Also I’m in Fort Worth, TX

  • Travissgraham

    Few questions:

    1. What does it kpmean that you have to upgrade to CDMA, not IDEN to IDEN?

    2. It’s an AMEX giftcard rebate. Do you pay the full price up front, or the upgrade price?

    I wanna go try this but wanna make sure I know what I’m getting into first.


  • royalwillis

    Is there anyway you can tell me which store to call? I have been to every physical store in my local area – all say this promotion does not exist. I called CS and got nowhere. I am 8 years with Sprint and a silver customer with an upgrade in early Jan 2013 (used to be Jan 2012 before they discontinued the 1 year upgrade eff 12/31/11).

  • Tom

    Kooool! I did it and a sweet deal. Like it says except for IDEN devices all other phones qualify which very much are majority of them & yes for eyephoney freaka Zoids, SMH.

    WIN WIN!!!!

  • Walter

    “that means NO ONE ON SILVER Premier gets it…”

    The above is not true. I am a Sprint Premier Silver customer and had the hTC EVO 4G phone and my upgrade date was July 2012. I went into the Corporate owned retail store yesterday and I was targeted for this promotion and upgraded.

  • Walter

    I am a Sprint Premier Silver customer and had a hTC EVO 4G phone with an upgrade date of July 2012. I went into the store yesterday and found out I was targeted for this promotion.

    I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. I was charged $199.99 for the phone.

    Does this promotion just allow an upgrade to happen early, or should I have received a discount? I also saw something about a mail-in rebate AMEX card in this article. Is that what I will be receiving? They did not mention this at the store.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried to get this promotion after 12/31/11? I am in a position where I need to upgrade my EVO 4G (broken digitizer and LCD screen) but am not eligible for an upgrade until 11/1/12. I just found out about this blog :)