• Mon, Feb 8th, 2016
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Sprint Suing Time Warner, Comcast and Cox Over Digital Phone Patents

Posted In Featured, News - By Mark Hearn On Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 8:36am PST With 4 Comments

Just because AT&T called it quits yesterday, doesn’t mean that Sprint is ready to step out of the courtroom just yet. The Now Network is gearing up for more courtroom combat! This time they’ll be taking on cable television heavyweights: Time Warner, Comcast and Cox. Sprint claims that the trio is currently using tech that they patented nearly twenty years ago.

Sprint stated in each filing that the companies “have realized the great value in this technology and have misappropriated it without Sprint’s permission,” Sprint’s claims that twelve patents are currently being infringed upon. This dozen includes patents that Sprint sued Vonage for using, which resulted in the VOIP provider paying $80 million to license the technology after a courtroom loss in 2007.

Currently there are no court dates for any of these cases and it’s expected that they’ll make their way to a judge sometime early next year. As it stands, all three cable companies are remaining mum about this matter and have yet to release any official statements.

Source: Bloomberg

Thanks Jason!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jefeone Julian Andebrhan

    Aren’t the three of them partners with Sprint in Sprint Spectrum, LP, the Sprint subsidiary that built “the first PCS network from the ground up”??

  • Stephen

    Sprint needs channel the company’s lawyer fees into developing a better network.

  • Anonymous

    or……maybe cover those for free upgrades for phones that have Carrier IQ, cause i doubt they will roll out upgrade for HTC Touch Pro 2 :/

  • biohazzard100

    i heard that those companys are moving to verizon now