• Sat, Feb 6th, 2016
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Comcast Files Lawsuit Against Sprint Claiming Patent Infringement

Posted In News - By Mark Hearn On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 7:51am PST With 8 Comments

At one time business partners, Comcast has now filed a lawsuit against Sprint claiming that the Now Network is infringing on four of their patents. Filing the suit in a Pennsylvania court on February 17th, the cable provider is seeking an undisclosed amount of punitive damages. For details on the alleged infringements, check out the filings listed after the break.

  • No. 7,684,391: Communications System for Delivering Multimedia Internet Protocol Packets Across Network Boundaries. Comcast claims that Sprint’s voice and data service using IP/MPLS backhaul or transport are infringing. Patent issued March 23, 2010. 
  • No. 6,885,870: Transferring of a Message. Comcast claims that Sprint’s multimedia messaging service (MMS) products for picture mail, wireless video mail and mobile email infringe on this one. Patent issued April 26, 2005.
  • No. 5,987,323: Starting a Short Message Transmission in a Cellular Communication System. Comcast alleges that Sprint short message service (SMS) products such as Vision Pack, unlimited texting, wireless texting and wireless premium test messaging plans infringe. Patent issued Nov. 16, 1999. 
  • No. 6,112,305: Mechanism for Dynamically Binding a Network Computer Client Device to an Approved Internet Service Provider. Comcast (via its TVWorks unit) claims that Sprint wireless data products, including mobile broadband USB models and PCMCIA wireless cards offered under the carrier’s 3G Mobile Broadband Connection and PowerVision plans infringe. Patent issued Aug. 29, 2000.


Source: Light Reading

Thanks Justin!

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  • Stephen

    Thanks for posting this info. I had not heard about this. I am amazed at the amount of patent litigation in the wireless industry (both in the US and international). I guess there are a lot of lawyers making a lot of money and subscribers are paying their fees/salaries via monthly bills.

  • Tommy Thompson

    And the reason Comcast isn’t suing the rest of carriers is what??? Sounds like Comcast is mad or running out of cash.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UDULQFCLEXI4PRUQGIBNGEWVKQ John

    Comcast is evil. the only company more evil is Verizon.

  • Guest

    I hate comcast. Services suck so bad in my area.

  • http://twitter.com/_justAndy Cardoso Andy

    why are they even suing on Mobile patents its so ridiculously stupid. who even knew that they were a “wireless” company in that case comcast should go after At&t Verizon and T-Mobile not just Sprint.

  • Wolfshifter

    I’m guessing they are only suing Sprint because their lawyers don’t think they can win against AT&T or Verizon… They’ll probably go after T-Mobile, then the others if they win. Douche to the max. Karma & greed will be their undoing as it is proving among everyone else in a position of greed currently. I swear, if my tax dollars go to bailing out these scum…

  • kkff_96

    I must be daydreaming comcast is gone advertising crazy to day, wow. How ironic on the sprint feed site.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

    EFF COMCAST….. it’s not comcastic! They bit off more than they could chew over the past 10 years!!!