• Wed, Feb 10th, 2016
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Dan Hesse to Give Keynote at Mobile World Congress on March 1st

Posted In Featured, News - By Mark Hearn On Monday, February 27th, 2012 3:33pm PST With 23 Comments

So far this year’s Mobile World Congress has been running a bit dry on Sprint friendly material. Hopefully today’s announcement from Sprint will change the pace of things in Barcelona, as the Now Network’s Commander-in-Chief is set to take the stage for his first MWC keynote on March 1st at 9:30AM CET. Hesse won’t be flying solo during his time in the spotlight, as he is expected to be joined by Warren East, CEO of ARM; Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper Networks; and Shi Lirong, President of ZTE. The overall theme of this session will be “Driving the Mobile Technology Revolution,” which suggests a strong focus on LTE aka Network Vision. Complete press release coming up after the break.


Sprint CEO Dan Hesse to Speak March 1 at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona

Hesse to discuss Sprint’s approach to innovation and importance of customer experience in his first MWC keynote

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), February 27, 2012 – Sprint (NYSE:S) CEO Dan Hesse will deliver a keynote address at GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, marking the first time a Sprint CEO will address the wireless conference. Hesse will deliver remarks on March 1 at 9:30 a.m. CET in a session titled “Driving the Mobile Technology Revolution.”

Recognized as the world’s premiere wireless conference, MWC 2012 will convene an international group of wireless industry leaders, along with leading media and analysts, to examine the opportunities and challenges that will redefine the wireless future. More than 60,000 people from 200 countries are expected to attend this year’s conference.

“We are very pleased to have Dan Hesse joining us for the first time at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “As a new LTE carrier and one of the leading players in the U.S. wireless industry, Hesse has a unique perspective on mobile today and in the future. The unparalleled line up of keynote speakers at Mobile World Congress reflects more than ever the continued expansion of the mobile ecosystem.”

Joining Hesse during the keynote session on March 1 are Warren East, CEO, ARM; Kevin Johnson, CEO, Juniper Networks; and Shi Lirong, President, ZTE.

About Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint Nextel served more than 55 million customers at the end of 2011 and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; offering industry-leading mobile data services, leading prepaid brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Newsweek ranked Sprint No. 3 in its 2011 Green Rankings, listing it as one of the nation’s greenest companies, the highest of any telecommunications company. You can learn more and visit Sprint at www.sprint.com or www.facebook.com/sprint and www.twitter.com/sprint.



About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Migs4930

    He better mentioned sometHing about tHe galaxy welcome to sprint

  • Migs4930

    He better mentioned sometHing about tHe galaxy note comeing to sprint

  • MykeBates

    “Driving the Mobile Technology Revolution”… At the end of next year.

  • Cocoman135

    dont f*ck up hasse
    i NEED LTE to come to detroit

  • Freak4Dell

    Will it be live streamed, or do I need to wait for the blogs to tell me what this blubbering idiot said?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heriberto-Palomino/100003503980048 Heriberto Palomino

    wat about the galaxy nexus…wen will it be here…../????????

  • Dell can suck it.

    What imaginary spectrum is the imaginary LTE network going to reside on?

  • Jacob

    He’d better this! He’d better that!

    Or what? You’re going to jump up and down, scream and flap your arms? You’re going to get all huffy and run to Verizon or AT&T because they have LTE?

  • Jacob

    Um, the imaginary spectrum that they currently carry their calls and data (1900), that imaginary spectrum that comes from finally killing off iDEN (800) and repurposing that for CDMA and LTE, then of course that tiny bit of spectrum that clear holds (2600).

    Yes, it’s all imaginary.

  • http://twitter.com/sndplace Steven aNd Diane

    Why would there be a GSII Note Mentioning with the President from ZTE going to be there. Did you read the article? I am waiting for the Note too but i wouldn’t expect it to be announced at this Keynote unless Samsung is also going to be at this Keynote.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sollord Bill S

    Hmm ZTE makes alot more then just cell phones they’re like a Chinese version of ST-Ericsson before Sony bought the handset division off them. They make a lot of CDMA and LTE base-stations and other core network equipment

  • Crybaby

    Dude just stfu. People are allowed to post whatever they like and you seem to be the one wining and crying when it’s not something you like. GET A LIFE!

  • TheRealCBONE

    Anonymous sources dropped off a transcript of his speech:

    “Umm… We got nothin’. iPhone, e’rybody!Pleasedon’tswitch, stickwithuspleasepleaseplease. Thank you.”

  • Jacob

    As you say, people are allowed to post whatever they like. That gives me license to say what I want and to be critical or poke fun at those who like to issue stupid, useless threats if Sprint/Hesse doesn’t do/say or give them what they want right at this very moment.

    So, without further adieu, why don’t you take your own advice and stfu and get a life.

  • Goyato

    ZTE has presented a number of new phones at MWC, including the ZTE Era (a quad-core running ICS), the ZTE Acqua, the ZTE Kis, the ZTE Blade II, and the ZTE PF112. They, like the other Chinese phone maker, Huawei, are trying to enter the US market, so perhaps Sprint has some exclusives with them. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the ZTE Era is coming to Sprint.

    I’m a bit bummed right now that there’s been no news of Sprint potentially getting a HTC One phone. That new HTC One X looks really nice.

  • Guest

    The only product likely to be “announced” is the ZTE Fury.

  • Alan Fortte

    Well the rumored HTC Jewel (EVO LTE) is supposed to be exact, if not similar to the One X. Most likely it’d be named EVO X.

  • Alan Fortte

    Either the Era or Fury would be announced, most likely them both. A rumored date for 3-11-12 is the launch for the Fury.

  • Alan Fortte

    I think Mid-march

  • Guest

    More like the second half of April.

  • Goyato

    That information actually got posted shortly after I made my comment.

  • Hesse’s baby momma

    My husband :) You better acknowledge dan jr this time, he is starting to feel forgotten, just like our current phone selection vs the competition.

  • unashamedgeek

    Can someone clear up the time on this? The press release says March 1, 9:30AM CET. Isn’t it currently about 6:40PM March 1 in the CET timezone? I know I’m seeing something wrong since I can’t find any coverage of it.