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How Long Have You Been a Sprint Customer?

Posted In Polls - By Mark Hearn On Friday, February 24th, 2012 10:52am PST With 66 Comments

If we’re privileged enough to be a part of your daily reading, odds are you’re a Sprint customer. Over the past decade the Now Network has underwent numerous changes ranging from service plans to product offerings. This made us want to ask, how long have you been a Sprint customer? In addition to your time on the books, we’d like to know what led to you choosing Sprint over the competition? As for you veterans out there, what’s managed to keep you here over the years?

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About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Tommy Thompson

    10 or more years.

  • Joy

    I got with Sprint because my dad cursed me out about driving up and down the freeway without being able to contact someone in case of an emergency. He had them at the time. That was 10yrs ago and I’ve never left.

  • Leo Yu

    long enough to finally qualify for Sprint Premier 1 year upgrade…. JUST as they decide to remove that perk…. argh!

  • http://twitter.com/kekil Cecil

    11 years.
    TouchPoint 2100 > .. > Samsung A460 > .. > Sanyo 8300 > Palm Treo 650 > Palm Centro > Blackberry 8330 > Samsung Moment > HTC Hero > LG Optimus S > Motorola Photon 4G

  • gene

    Yep…10+ years, but was only able to use my Premier status for one upgrade. Although I’m happy I was able to do that! Went from the Samsung Moment to the Epic 4G Touch and couldn’t be happier.

  • iFonePhag4S

    10 years. I think I signed with them initially because my parents had phones through them. So when I moved out I signed with Sprint with my girlfriend at the time. That ho hit the road and left me with her line on our family plan, so I gave her phone number and all to my next girlfriend. Lol. But Sprint has always been good to me.

  • GarSaab

    Nine years going to ten.
    Started with the Little Neopoint,then the first Samsung camera phone,Sanyo till MM8400.
    Samsung after that… Nexus S 4G till Galaxy Nexus arrives. :-)

  • Tspcontractor

    9 years with sprint / nextel and 9 years prior with just nextel.
    I currently have 4 lines with the addition of a couple more in the
    future. I just released the 5th line I had to my nephew.
    Sprint has been extremely good to my family and I. I would recommend
    them to anyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Rodriguez/1385750750 Alex Rodriguez

    i joined under my fathers plan then got my own when i got my first job over 10 years ago.

  • marvel83

    Just made 10 years the same month they announced the premier program was being cancelled.

  • Fllyloc2

    Going on 13 years with Sprint. One reason….Just works where I need it to work.

  • marvel83

    Join the club.

  • David

    3+ years but I recently left because the value proposition has really declined over the last 18 months or so. $10 extra per line, two tiers of premier, elimination of premier, change to company discounts. All that was an extra $35-40 per month increase.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marksjavier Mark Javier

    I receive a 23% discount through my work.

  • @meltav09

    Like one Month lol Tmobile for like 5years and finally left to sprint just for the iphone xD

  • Bdadkins69

    Unlimited data, great customer service, no dropped calls, and good 4g speeds on my Nexus s 4g.

  • MykeBates


  • dbass223

    12 years now with 5 total lines. It works well where I live and the places I go.

  • raindog469

    Over 10 years. Started in 1999 or so when my company moved to them from Cingular, stayed with Sprint when I left to form my own company in 2002 because I got a ridiculous deal including unlimited data and four times as many shared minutes as I’ve ever used when I got my first feature phone and they kept grandfathering me. I never had the coverage issues other people complained about except when I’d visit friends up in the mountains, in the areas that are just solid grey on everyone’s coverage maps.

    That amazing deal went away when we got our first 4G phone and they finally took away our great plan and started charging us that $10 monthly fee for each phone, even though we have no 4G here and likely won’t have it for years. And these days I’m pretty dissatisfied with their coverage, either because their 3G service area is smaller than their analog used to be or because smartphones’ internal antennas suck. I got an Airave for free to resolve the issue at home, but with my old feature phone I never had a problem in supermarkets and malls, and now I do.

    But I’m staying with them anyway because the only carrier with better coverage in my area is Verizon. I had a terrible customer service experience with Verizon when porting my girl’s number over to my Sprint family plan, and a disastrous DSL customer service experience with them last fall, resulting in our not wanting to give them another cent of our money until there’s no alternative left. So unless AT&T expands their coverage in my area dramatically, for the foreseeable future it’s Sprint.

  • Brocly4u

    Since ’98

  • Jalanizr

    In Jan 02 I left ntt docomo jp . Got home and sign with Cingular that same year I left that Chitty company for Verzion. In 04 I left yet another crappie provider for Sprint and been happy ever since

  • YesISellThat

    Been with Sprint for 10 years now. I must admit that back in the day Sprint’s customer service had been a royal pain, but about 5 years ago (or more) they really started turning things around. I love Sprint. They are pleasure to speak to over the phone and are extremely helpful in the store. Additionally, in my area in NYC Sprint’s coverage is always as good as Verizon and usually better. I used to be a Top Tier Premier member ,and the yearly upgrade was a big draw, but what really kept me all these years is price. I get 5 lines with Unlimited text, unlimited date and Any mobile Any time (essentially giving me unlimited minuets) for under $300 after taxes and fees! I cant get that anywhere else (except prepaid [bad phones] and t-moble [bad everything]). Sprint is great!

  • sonofLA

    2 years left due to poor performance all across the board. Things started great but declined.

  • Etrillion

    Over 11 years,started with AT&T but didnt like the service,I stayed with Sprint through it all because of pricing,and the other reason which will come as a surprise to some,is I always get great customer service

  • Spensergig

    Since December 1999.
    I get mad now and then, but they’re still great value for cost.

  • NibelungValesti

    5 years with numerous SERO lines. You can’t beat their value when compared to Verizon. I got hooked when I got the rebate check for my HTC Titan and it amounted to me getting that handset for free. Sprint’s TEP has taken care of me through the years by moving me to the next generation of Windows Mobile phone each time something went wrong then finally to the HTC HERO. Sprint’s CS had been pretty nice to me too when I started having reception issues by giving me an AirRave for free. Sprint works everywhere I take it around Los Angeles and Southern California.

  • Raul Rosario

    Since 1997

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Nitty-Long/100001187040265 Frank Nitty Long

    Since 2002. First phone was nextel I95. First sprint was blackberry 8330.

  • Derekgreen15

    Been a loyal customer since April ’02. Many phones with many different gadgets and bells and whistles. Gonna stay because Sprint takes care of me and I’ll stick it out through no 4g in metro Detroit to whenever Michigan becomes LTE ready..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jebyrnejr Jimmy Byrne

    I reached my decade mark back in August (still waiting on my parade), and haven’t given any thought to leaving, but now with dropping Sprint Premiere, and their network speeds being awful to the point of unusable, if they don’t at least announce a 2nd gen WinPhone option soon, I Will seriously consider going to AT&T for a Lumia 900, or preferrably Verizon if they get a Lumia . . .

  • DollarsnSense

    Going on 13 years.

  • iJunkBox

    I started with Sprint in 1997 with a Qualcomm QCP-2700! When Nokia was cool I jumped on the Nokia 6185. When I got tired of dusty screens I somehow ended up with a LG Touchpoint 1100. By this time I was all into phones and hung around HoFo and SU. It was because of that one site ran by “Cat in the Hat” (anyone remember what it was called?!) I was one of the lucky few to pick up a Sony Ericcson T608. With the lack of support and SE dropping out of CDMA I gave LG another chance and picked up a MM535. Great phone till slider started having issues. Due to changing Sprint policies, I ditched them since I would lose my grandfathered plan if I upgraded my phone. Ended up on Helio with an Ocean – probably the best feature phone at the time in my eyes. When Helio went belly up I came back to Sprint since it still had the cheapest plans with excellent service in my area. From then on I stuck with Blackbery: Curve 8830 > Tour 9630 > Bold 9650 > Torch 9850. My loyalty to RIM is wearing thin cause now I’m eyeing that Galaxy Nexus.

  • vrystaat

    Since ’98 when they offered month-to-month (no contract plans) with 200 minutes and the first incoming minute was free. Had the stylish & classic Sony CM-Z100 too.

  • jasonacg

    Since early 1999, not long after their launch in this market. I used to work for a retailer that sold Sprint phones. I’m no longer in the industry, but I’ve stuck with Sprint ever since.

  • Average Sprint Customer

    Unfortunately, since 1999.

  • panhandle

    11 years now. I know their data speeds aren’t great, but it’s the best bang for your buck out there, and now that they have better customer service I will be sticking with them for the foreseeable future. Still sucks about the premier program though…

  • http://twitter.com/mij9895 Joshua McDaniel

    I switched to Sprint last February because it was cheaper than at&t.

  • Sprint Lifer

    I hated that they did away with the perk also

  • Sexydredlocs

    I’ve been a Sprint customer 10+ yrs now. I started because the service was the most reliable, then it was the innovation, then their customer service, then the benefits. Now I stay because of the unlimited plans, their innovation and perks are very lacking at this point.

  • Exxwing

    I’ve been with Sprint for over 12 years. Liked the plan and rates, and especially when the Evo 4g came out. The problem is no LTE; I know it’s coming but Verizon and ATT already have it and my friends on those carriers never fail to show it off to me. I love my epic touch, but I need the speed;and since I live in a 3g area, if I’m not on wi-fi, I’m not using data. They also took away another major incentive for loyalty; the Premier status which allowed me to trade up phones every year. Two years on a phone is toooooo much for me, so that hurts. Shape up Sprint before I go Verizon.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz ✔

    This is my take on Sprint…
    Plans have the same or more minutes for more money today than they did when I signed up.
    There are no more options for 1 year contracts like there was when I signed up.
    Sprint has expanded their own coverage in some markets, killed off coverage completely in others, and limited roaming since I signed up.
    Customer service has got better, but still not at the levels any company should be proud of.
    Data speeds have dropped in speed by 10x since I signed up.

    Why do I stay? 4 things in my rate plan keep me.
    1. 6PM Nights I can keep for life (cause NIGHTS in winter start at 6PM where I live)
    2. 300 Bonus Minutes per month for life (Just in case I ever need them, to date Ive never used more than 10 minutes of my plan anyway)
    3. Pick 5 Unlimited Calling (cause I call the same 5 numbers and I dont wanna pay for it)
    4. 25% off discount from my credit union, where new customers only get 10%.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz ✔

    Sprint wants to compete and keep customers loyal they should bring back a few of their innovative and interesting plans.

    1. First Incoming Minute Free (Ill take it if thats what they give)
    2. Unlimited Incoming Calls Free (This would be preferred)
    3. Fair and Flexible Plans ($5 more for each 100 excess plan minutes used, no overage charges)
    4. Advantage Agreement (Offer No-Contract or 1 Year plans if customers pay $10 more per month)
    5. Add-A-Line (Offer it DIRECTLY into existing plans, not requiring a change to family plan)
    6. Per Second Billing (Nextel feature that Sprint could implement, or like Fido Canada did, per 6 sec)

    Copy Vodafone UK Stop The Clock plans offered in 2004-2006… Talk for UP TO 60 MINUTES, PAY FOR THE FIRST 3 MINUTES PER CALL.

    Copy Orange UK Any Plan offered in 2004-2008… See a competitors plan price, minute/text/data allowance and want it? Get it with the Any Plan. *Contract/No-Contract terms and length and promotional offers are NOT included*

    Offer customers to BANK minutes, or get a credit toward their bill for not using them. Offer customers to save unused minutes (like AT&T Rollover but call it Sprint Minute Bank) for up to 12 months, or get a $5 credit (Sprint Minute Credits) on their bill for using no Anytime minutes.

  • Eldenneemia

    unlimited data. customer service improved. easy managing online account and sprint website is awesome not too bussy on eyes just right.

  • Brian

    I’ve been with Sprint for almost 11 years and could not concur more with YesISellThat’s comments regarding customer service, Sprint has really turned around their customer service division from something dreadful and frustrating beyond words into a best-in-class customer experience. I had some legendary battles with customer service back in the early 00′s and they never ended well and had me seriously considering cancellation on numerous occasions.

    Why did I choose Sprint? I had recently moved to California working for a national non-profit and all of our mobiles were Sprint and would afford me good local and national coverage regardless of my travels.

    What kept me with Sprint? To once again echo YesISellThat’s comments, there WERE a plethora of advantages to being a Top Tier Premiere customer and a long-term customer. The Premiere Plus program was a huge incentive to stick with Sprint. Premiere Plus Gold plus Unlimited Data were the anchors of my loyalty; now it is just Unlimited Data.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

    I’ve been with Sprint since 1999. I went with Sprint because they were the only one of two carriers in my town at the time (southeast Ohio). I’ve continued to stay because of the pricing, even during their horrid Nextel merger and I knew it would be wise to just ride it out. I knew it would get better… it just had to. I’ve never been a fan of Sprint’s customer service from a technological troubleshooting standpoint, but rather from an account negotiation standpoint. If there has been trouble with the service (namely during the Nextel days), they bent over backwards to issue me account credits in an effort to make up for any troubles along the way. The customer service, when I’ve actually needed them, have always been nice. Let’s face it, customer service is NOT what keeps me with a carrier. The ability to make and receive a phone call is what keeps me around and the network has gotten nothing but better every year since 2005. I’m going nowhere because I’ve always been of the philosophy that it’s wise to deal with a company who focuses on a single market sector and DOES IT WELL by not spreading themselves too thin. Sprint focuses on the mobile world, while the competition focuses on trying to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. It’s like having a Life Insurance Policy with The Lincoln Financial Group versus State Farm. State Farm is great for auto insurance but can’t hold a candle to Lincoln’s Life Policies or Annuities. State Farm now does life, home, auto, etc… and their pricing sucks outside of auto insurance. Verizon saturates the market with ads to make you think LTE is lurking around every corner and under every stone on their network, yet, this is NOT the case and the customer still pays through the nose for all that hyperbole. “Can you hear me now” saying I’d rather spend less money on a monthly basis for a comparable, if not better, national data/phone network “built from the ground up.” Thanks, I’ll stay put and be glad to do so.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

    check your math.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

    Let’s face it. Perks are called “perks” for a reason wherever you go. I never had any false hopes about that so-called program – in which I was a Premier or Gold or whatever the top one was (I was always politely reminded and thanked when I visited the store). It was a very nice program, agreed, but at the end of the day it’s all about the ability to make and receive a phone call or email or play a game and at what kind of a monthly premium we are comfortable with paying for all that service. Sprint propositions a VERY nice monthly premium for my 4 lines of service, which started out as just one 13 years ago. I travel the world and all over the US. I’ve always gotten the service coverage I’ve needed and that about sums it up.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

    Step into the 21st century…… it sounds like you just need a Simply Everything plan dude. I too use to have a Fair & Flexible plan, but saw the advantages in “any-mobile-anytime” with a small amount of “anytime” (land line) minutes. Apply your monthly discount, do the math and the answer is a no-brainer. Who has time to keep up with all those moving parts from the plans of ‘yester.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

    No other carrier has the perks that Sprint USE TO to have. Further, Sprint was the last of the whole fleet to finally drop their little “perks” program so they could remain competitive.

  • Patrick (on the planet)

  • David

    I did. Do you work for Sprint? Why are you so emotionally attached to a large company? Three lines at $10 a piece plus $3.60 added by the change to the discount plus the associated fees and sales tax puts the increase well into the $35 – $40 range.

  • Matt16L

    AT&T was a big pain in the but and would block my data constantly so I would have to go into a store and have them fix it. Half the time my messages wouldn’t go through. Sprint was the cheapest and had unlimited data so that’s what made me switch.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MKZLPVFSOCVDOLU563VZCZVBUE cessch

    price has kept me with sprint for about 15 yrs. however with the premium data and now they want to charge me for activation, which i have NEVER paid b4, i am thinking of getting rid of sprint

  • http://twitter.com/sndplace Steven aNd Diane

    We have had Sprint since 1996. they were the only phone company that would open an account for me. I had no credit and i needed to put a $125 deposit down. Since then I stoke with them. IMO There customer service has been stellar since day 1. Every time i had an issue they help solved it. Sprint has had its problems with service and being slow to get on board with new devices. But i think they are on track and heading in the right place. Once they get there LTE system running its going to be great and worth staying with Sprint for.

    PS I never really liked SIM cards. This is another reason why i stood with Sprint.

  • Thewonnetwork

    Been with Sprint since it began PCS Service in 1997ish in my area (not Sprint Spectrum). Loved its initial no contract no bull model. Then came the “advantage” agreements and then standard contracts. Now it is just as bad as big blue and big red. 2012 might be the year of a switch since I am not under contract and saving just a few bucks a month now is not worth it; before it was somewhat significant savings.

  • Nd4Spdr

    10.5 years. I liked Sprint ever since they started 10cents per minute on land lines. When choosing a cell service I went with my favorite company. There wasn’t a whole lot of choice back then and I’ve never had a reason to leave. Best customer service imo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ALWPPOGCBB7QEURVZ6HN2UP6YE Michael

    Over 10 years. Figure it was around 1998… I switched because I was tired of the analog Motorola StarTac, and wanted to move to digitial – with analog back-up. I forget the name of my first Sprint phone, but it was big and I had a long time, until the Treo 300 was released. I have stayed largely due to price on data services. (Treo 300 > Treo 600 > Treo 700 > Treo Pro). I am very, very, frustrated with the current selection of smart phones, and am likely to switch soon to another carrier, as right now phone selection is becoming more important to me than carrier.

  • http://twitter.com/travoloso TraVoloso

    Since 1999, I was actually working for them at this time. I’ve owned nearly 40 different phone models in that time. I stay because of pricing and unlimited data. Data, lately has been really slow but I’m holding out for the NV upgrades in my market. I really don’t want to leave them because they have been good to me in so many regards over the years.

  • http://twitter.com/AliMazooji Ali M

    The 4 most glorious letters in mobile telecom; SERO!

  • guest

    i think ive been a sprint customer for about 12 years. why i chose it? because a good friend had sprint(still does) and never had a problem with it. ive only had very few problems with them, mostly replacements phones or lack there off, but that has mostly benefited me in the long run…

  • Tom

    Been with Sprint since 1995. Sprint PCS/APC in Washington, DC in the early GSM years and then changed over Sprint PCS on CDMA system.

  • Rbepic4g

    21 years total with one phone number. Here’s the story : In Phoenix, after 3 years of using pagers, I got my first Motorola brick phone from Cellular One in 1989, paying 35 – 45 cents per min. In 1991, I moved to US West for a smaller brick phone, .10/min and “calling party pays,” getting the phone number I still use today. Other players in our market at that time were AirTouch and Voicestream. The network that US West used was sold to Sprint and I became an official Sprint customer for the first time in about 1993. Along about 1996 Qwest had bought out US West and become an MVNO of Sprint’s offering an unlimited minutes plan for $99, which I jumped at. This was my first PCS phone. Qwest dissolved their partnership with Sprint in 1999, I believe, forcing all numbers back into Sprint proper. I have now had the same number since 1991 that has never been ported to any other carrier and has always been with Sprint’s predecessor, an MVNO or Sprint itself. That makes 21 years with the same phone number if I’ve not made too drastic a mistake with my chronology and I consider it all with Sprint, though to be official it you would probably call it 19 years officially.

  • Rbepic4g

    Forgot to answer the other questions in the article. I simply was moved to Sprint when they acquired US West’s cell network and then stayed along for the ride. Our market in those days was constantly changing with new players coming and going and my service was good enough that I didn’t want to move and risk getting worse service. I will say those brick phones could sure handle a beating on my steering wheel when a call dropped (most every day back then,) and it’s hard to believe that my customers put up with my “calling party pays” plan. What’s kept me with Sprint for the last 10+ years has been good service in the Phoenix area. However, that service has diminished horribly the last 2 – 3 years and It’s very possible that if they don’t get the network back up to par by this time next year I won’t have any choice but to leave for better coverage. The nickle and dime-ing of us this past year has been ridiculous and if we continue to pay $10 for premium data and we don’t get LTE (our 6th largest market in the country doesn’t even have Wimax) then that will saddly be the icing on the cake of porting. I do have hopes of another 20 years with Sprint if they can come through and run this company the right way.

  • Charlie

    I’m two years with sprint going on three but i have been disappointed in the last few months because my 3g speeds have been horrible! Not like how they were before. I hope that sprint fixes the issue and increases coverage, because at my school I am always roaming, but then again it is a “dead zone” for all phones except verizon you will get like 2-3 bars. but coverage there would be nice. I am also mad that they sold me a 4g wimax phone (galaxy S2) when wimax is obsolete and they are no longer adding wimax areas to their coverage and now having LTE. I have old technology now and then phone is only 1-2 months old -_-

  • curt

    do you work for citi corp?

  • curt

    amen. Just traveled threw 10 states that have sprint 3g coverage and all were so slow were not able to use my maps for find places to eat. ATT here I come I can afford a few extra dollars