• Thu, Feb 11th, 2016
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Google Play to Relieve Android Market of its Book, Music and Movie Duties [Video]

Posted In News - By Mark Hearn On Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 12:43pm PST With 0 Comments

Just like their mobile operating system, Google’s Android Market has evolved at a rapid pace. Over the past few years we’ve seen the house that apps built introduce books, movies and music. During this transitional period El Goog’s other folds have seen reasonable levels of growth and it appears that the search engine guru has taken notice and has decided to do something about it. In an effort to simplify their entertainment offerings, earlier today Google announced Google Play, which will be tasked with meeting and managing all of your Google account’s needs for books, music and movies. Google-style intro video coming up after the break.

Source: Google

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