• Thu, Feb 11th, 2016
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How Much do You Spend on Your Monthly Sprint Bill?

Posted In Polls - By Mark Hearn On Monday, March 12th, 2012 9:09am PST With 61 Comments

We’ve asked how long have you been a Sprint customer. We’ve even asked about your data habits. But this time around we’re touching on a sensitive subject, money. Over the years wireless plan rates have seen a significant increase. With the focus shifting from minutes to data, these days the right plan can be hard to find.

We’d like to know how much you’re spending on your monthly service plan and realistically what you would like to change about it? Feel free to share the details of what your setup looks like and what you like and dislike about it the most. Historically Sprint has had a good reputation of offering highly competitive plans, but a few changes here and there can go a long ways.

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About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Philbert579

    Honestly, if there was a lower-minute option or even pay as you go for minutes I would take that. Most of my calls are to mobiles so I frequently see less than 10 minutes a month used on my bill, or even 0. I don’t need to pay for 450, if they’d give me the option to pay for only mobile-to-mobile and 35 cents a minute for others, I would be thrilled.

  • http://twitter.com/yibrushn yibrushn

    I have 5 lines and pay less than $250 so it’s $50 per line or so.

  • Max

    3 phones unlimited everything. 188 a month with 18% company discount. I dont have a personal comparision since Ive been with SPrint several years. What I think is sneaky is that I have a ten dollar per month per phone (3) surcharge for “enhanced data experience” or what I thought was going to be 4G wayy back in June of 2010. HA….4G? here in corn corners Iowa? HA.. So why dont they REALLY say 89.99 instead of 79.99 unlimited. And what is enhanced data experience anyway….YouTube clips that are impossible to view over mobile network? Waiting and waiting for a simple google search page to show up? I guess so.

  • Jeremy Podolski

    You should specify in the poll whether you are including taxes and fees or not, and if there is a distinction between family plans and individual plans. The poll results won’t mean much if you’re comparing apples to oranges to pears.

  • Levi4u

    The $79.99 includes the $10 fee, It’s not $$79.99+$10.

  • Rjh0134

    $185 for 3 lines…2 smart phones and $4 insurance on the other and 15% off

  • http://twitter.com/mij9895 Joshua McDaniel

    I have 2 lines: Everything Data 450 for 69.99 with a 25% company discount, TEP for 8, and the premium data fee, plus a Sprint Phone Connect for 19.99. With all taxes it comes to 97.55/month for me.

  • MalloryRB

    $230 for 4 lines. 1 line has the new $10 data charge, 2 lines have the $8 insurance charge. I have the Family Data Share plan with 1500 minutes, unlimited text, data, etc. and an Airwave for free from Sprint. When I upgrade the other phones I will likely drop the insurance coverage to make up for the $10 charge for the data.

  • RickG

    Everything data 1500 plan: 5 lines; 3 smartphone surcharges; 1 TEP;

    Freebies: n/w @ 6p all; 100 bonus minutes ea line; 20% corp disc on plan

    Roughly $225/mo

  • gene

    Nope…pretty sure it’s $79.99 + $10.

  • Jonathan Dogan

    I have one line 450 minutes, TEP, Roadside assistance, premium data charge, get a 10% discount and my bill is about 94/month. I dont mind paying for service but feel like mine has been less than stellar…Work it out sprint!

  • gene

    $210 for 5 lines (Everything Data Family Plan), and that already includes 2 lines paying the $10 Premium Data charge, with a 25% discount. I’m not including taxes in this figure.

  • Malibuchevy01

    Approx $179.00 including taxes after all discounts. 3 lines on 1500 month data everything family plan. 25% corp discount and another 5% discount added last month due to change in how discount is applied to secondary line, so 30% in discounts. 2 smartphones with 10.00 premium data charge. $8.00 TEP on all 3 lines and $4.00 roadside assistance on 2 lines.

  • gene

    I take that back, looks like Sprint changed their prices from the last time I checked. But basically, they don’t add the $10 Premium Data Charge on their advertised plans, which is what Max was complaining about.

  • Levi4u

    No it’s not, The ED450 is $69.99+$10 premium data fee making it $79.99.

  • Davidksims

    The same, @$94 a month, but I feel network is sub-par. If they dont fix it, I’m going back to AT&T! I want a Samsung Galaxy Note anyway!

  • yesisellthat

    Got 5 lines on a 3000 min everything data plan. 4 lines have TEP 2 have an international long distance plan, and 3 have $10 data add on surcharge. I come out to about $315-330 a month after taxes. But can I get some help here? It seems like everyone is getting some sort of discount. I get a loyalty discount but its just a few dollars a month. How do I get one of the 15+% discounts that some of you have? Thanks for the help.

  • Levi4u

    Sprint did not change their prices, All adds, TV, Print, Store, Online clearly state $79.99 and have for some time.

  • V Rios85

    Average of $180 for 3 lines on the Everything Data Family plan

  • Que

    I am a credit union member receiving 25% off for the past 3 years. Although I believe the credit union discounts are currently 10% for new enrolees. You should inquire further at a local credit union in your area if they offer a discount on Sprint service for being a member.

  • silverhawknike

    $42 a month on Sprint Relay Data plan. Includes unlimited data and texting.

  • raindog469

    I pay $221 almost every month (that’s how much I actually pay, no idea how it breaks down with taxes etc. because I stop caring how Sprint divides up my money once it leaves my account) for 3 lines and an (allegedly free) Airave. TEP on all three phones.

    We have a 1500 minute Everything Data family plan, and two of our three phones are smartphones, so based on some other responses it sounds like the amazing deal I got 10 years ago, the reason I’ve stuck with Sprint all this time, is no longer quite so awesome. But we’ve had two head-explodingly awful customer service experiences with Verizon, and the GSM carriers’ coverage around here is as bad as or worse than Sprint’s, so Sprint it is for now.

  • HiyaBuddy

    I was at $240.19 a month before the discount policy change and it would’ve gone up since I had a 10% AAA discount. Everything data 1500 with 4 lines, 3 smart phones and one flip phone. It wasn’t worth it to say the least because of terrible data speeds and weird reception issues that caused my phone to go to roaming. It wasn’t the phones, it was the network because I tried three different brand new phones. Now on Verizon with 4 smart phones and double lte data. Sure it costs more but it was definitely worth it with 3g performance that smokes sprints network in my area any time. Don’t get me started on LTE where I only had one bar of wimax on sprint but full bars on Verizon. I’m not bashing sprint its just the network didn’t work out for me, especially at my university where all I had was full bars of roaming and was using data like crazy (over 300 MB of roaming data a month).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_43APPG7KNF5Z37NJ5ASHWP6RYM Stephen

    My portion of a 7 line family plan (yes, 7!) comes out to $45 per line total including tax and premium data. I am never leaving Sprint unless they take our plan away.

  • Etrillion

    2 iphones,an evo 3d and an epic 4g,unlimited everything like everyone else with smartphones,company discount and equipment proection we are paying 221 a month for the 4 lines before taxes

  • Lauren Creech

    $99 + $10 for Simply Everything Unlimited, 1 line. Wouldn’t change plans or leave Sprint for any reason. Verizon, AT&T data plans are way overpriced for the amount of data I use…

  • http://twitter.com/Vanakatherock Vanakatherock

    Base plan is $69.99 + $10 for “premium data (E4GT)” + $8.00 for device insurance = $87.99 + taxes and fees = $93-94 average.

    What would I change? I don’t have a need for 450 “anytime minutes” if I’m getting unlimited mobile to mobile + I text and use data more than make calls. Cut my plan minutes in half, 225, and save me at least $15-$20/month on charges for what I’ll never use. Every time I get a call from Sprint asking if I’m satisfied with my service, I tell them yes, with this exception. I hate paying for so many more minutes than I’ll ever use. I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve used more than 100 minutes in a month.

  • marvel83

    $69.99 for 450 plan + $10 premium data + $8 insurance + $6.68 sprint surcharge + $6.38 fees = $101.05 or Too Much.
    Over the past year my bill has going up a few cents every month, last year this time I was paying under $98. It’s already cheaper to switch carriers for me, so once sprint changes the unlimited data i’m gone.

  • jayson

    Base plan is $69.99 – 20% (-$14.00) Employer discount + $10 for “premium data” + $8.00 for device insurance + taxes and fees = $81.76 it doesnt go up nor down.. always the exact amount :-D im a happy sprint customer woo!

  • Mark McCoskey

    $40/mo with 1200 minutes with Virgin’s Beyond Talk. Data is only 3G, though.

  • Dialup

    $163 after taxes and insurance for two phones on an everything data. I’m canceling my one line that is out of contract because I can’t get service at my work,school or home. I don’t want to leave but I can only enjoy my phone on wi-fi and since I’m not in a major city god knows when I’ll see lte.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz ✔

    Im between $74-$90 per month dependent on Android Apps, Extras. Sprint screw up billing errors…

  • Brickcity92

    Gene your wrong its 69.99 +10 for premium data and it turns out to be 79.99 im a sprint rep

  • Zaqary

    $32.41 on 3p employee plan 3000 unl. Text & data using iPhone 4s not bad!

  • http://twitter.com/BBuller916 Ben Buller

    6 Lines. 242.95 a month. That’s with a 25% discount. Though I did get a 6th line, not here to brag but just stating that all 6 lines are a part of a single 1500 everything data plan. 3 of the phones have 10$ add ons, the other 3 do not. So once every upgrades (except my grandfather, he uses a basic flip phone)… we wll probably top out next year at 270. Still for 6 lines, and no limits on anything we do (we use a grandtotal of 250 ‘minutes’ each month) It is well worth the cost. No other carrier comes close so far. Especially now that I have a 6th line.

  • south_side_johnny

    I am totally upset about the discount on the secondary line. Actually, it used to be on the 1st 2 lines. I have a 23% discount, which was applied to the 1st 2 lines ($129.99) — now the discount applies only to the “primary” line ($110.) thus forcing me to remit an additional $5 every month. I know what you’re thinking….”What an asshole, it’s only $5/month for Unlimited Data, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, early off peak, etc.” Then, if I upgrade to a new smartphone, you get hit with an additional $10/month.

    So, why are they offerring an aditional 5%, for a 30% discount (in your case), when they could have just left it the way it was ???

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.fitzpatrick Jake Fitzpatrick

    Sprint is a great value at $79.99 + tax. Don’t change anything with the plan.

  • http://twitter.com/mrkilltrocity Stephen Segovia

    $0 Employee Wireless Discount….. and iphone 4s so my bill is umm… $0 every month hahaha

  • Jeff

    I’m on two Advantage Club Plans (one line is $30, the other is $40 as it’s a 4G line and thus gets hit with the $10 “premium data” charge) so $70 base price, then $16 Insurance/TEP which brings the total to $86 overall. With taxes, fees, and surcharges the regular monthly bill is usually just over $100. Not bad for two lines though (considering the retail price would be far higher)…

  • Benchase7

    $181 for 3 smartphone lines with unlimited data, this includes tax/fees on all lines (and Insurance on 1 line. Not bad!

  • http://profiles.google.com/huntertj timhunter

    you should specify how many lines, I have 5 lines so I am well over $150

  • Casey Anthony

    Sero Premium evo3D $40 plan + $10 data ad on + $8 insurance + tax – usually a few dollars over $60 a month out the door. Plus first incoming min free, pick 6 any landlands (pick 3 + pick2 + pick 1 sprint ld promo) Use to have free 6 n/w but lost it. I actually gave up my old sero type plan (it was a fair & flex plan like sero) for $30 a month less 25% MRC discount. My bill use to be like $20 some bucks on my touch pro 2 with unlimited data. Moved to every data when I got the original evo on release data keeping the 25%. Managed to get Sero P back after months. There are trolls who always tell people it’s impossible but I assure you it’s not it’s just really hard. I don’t have MRC discount anymore or 6 n/w weekends but I use maybe an hour of anytime min a month between the pick 6, 7 n/w and m2m it doesn’t matter at all. Couldn’t be happier well at least until LTE lights up and better 3G speed which it has slowly been getting better.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/johnmorrelles#64499 John Mo

    Four phones with premium data and it’s over $260/mo even with a corporate discount program on board. My only beef is that I’m paying for 4G service, it’s unavailable in my area, and my market will be one of the last to see it. I would happily sign away the option for 4G in any area to get ride of the $60+ monthly increase (including taxes and fees) to my bill just for 4G.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.jnc William Nieves

    I pay about $68 (taxes & $10 extra data fee included) a month for pretty much unlimited everything (minutes aren’t unlimited, but I have the any mobile anytime so they pretty much are).

  • http://profiles.google.com/marksjavier Mark Javier

    I do receive a 23% discount from my work, but I pay $316/month and that is for the 1500 family plan with 4 smart phones, and 2 “dumb phones” on their own 400 min/month plan.

  • Victor Garcia

    The premium data service isn’t for 4G, its for having a smartphone. It USED to be a charge for 4G only. Even blackberrys that arent 4G capable are charged the premium data fee.

  • Girlwonder

    Yea underneath all the prices, even in the store ads, it says $10 fee for smartphone underneath every plan price. It’s $79.99 + $10

  • Alice Walker

    $169 for 3 unlimited data phones (two of which don’t have the additional data fee because they are older) with 1500 minutes per month. I realize that sprint is probably charging for minutes, when really it’s to cover their costs for data, but I wish it were more accurately reflected. Hardly anyone uses that many minutes, and the vast majority of sprints costs are from data usage, not minutes, so that should be reflected in the price.

  • Corey Harris

    …which is why an option is listed as “more than $150″.

  • S.T.

    i just bought 2 new iphones with a family plan of everything data plan and the first bill totals up to $340.07 i was surprise the first bill would total up that much… did they just do the smartphones start at 150 a month and just added those two together without the 18% discount and not excluding the activation fee with the 18% off of that which they said its been waived?… what i heard from the sales person, she said that the first bill would at the most have an 18% discount… not seeing any discount their and cmon its family plan not individual… can someone help me figure this out?…





  • Dale

    My 129.00 plan comes out to 150.00 plus every month, give or take. I am eligible to upgrade tomorrow after many years with Sprint. I am contemplating NOT renewing my contract due to the simple fact that should I renew and upgrade, I would move on to a smartphone. This will add an additional 10.00 to my monthly bill even though I do not plan to be in that percentage that will increase my data use. So I am paying 120.00 a year more at this point so the Jones next door can get a discounted fee on using a ton of data, whereas I would not increase my data. I think the proper thing to do is have the 10.00 fee pop in should someone go over a data limit.

    Today is my off day and I am shopping for other carriers. :) This is because of the 10.00 a month data fee as well as the 36.00 activation fee for a line that is already activated and I can activate the new phone online with no help.

  • scotttt

    Heyy sprint rep I’m switching from at&t and I want unlimited text internet and a reasonable amount of minutes gimme some options

  • Shakiv

    Yea pretty much. Since the plan is 69.99 a month and then they add 10.00 for having an advanced phone so you have to pay for premium data. that brings it to 79. and then about 16 bucks in taxes and surcharges. its a pretty good deal.

  • amber

    Since your a rep for sprintcan you tell me why my bill for 3 phones with unlimited everything is 200+ and their trying to send me a 700+ bill and I’ve Benn up to date on my bill

  • jacob

    I have the $69 a month plan so i would expect it to be close to $100 a month, but my last 2 bill have been over $200!!! the only restriction i have is the 450 minutes to landline and i have only used 5 minutes out of that. why is it so high?????

  • Robinbird

    So my iPhone 4 bill is $104 lilk every month now. But most of my friends bills are about $70 to $80 a month for them. I cant really change my services because sprint got my on a 2 year plan. -_- how can I make it cheaper?

  • Joey

    sounds like that 6th line is fucking great ben

  • Ben Jr.

    Ben’s 6 line plan seems far more impressive…

  • jennifer

    I have 3 lines in my bill is $209 and that’s with 3 smartphone [2galaxy note2 & iPhone 4]