• Wed, Feb 10th, 2016
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iOS 5.1 Rolling Out Right Now

Posted In News - By Mark Hearn On Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 3:06pm PST With 6 Comments

Sprint may not be receiving the “new iPad,” but Sprint’s iPhone owners aren’t totally being left out of today’s festivities. Earlier today Apple announced iOS 5.1 and making good on their word the update is hitting iPhones all across the country as we speak. Apple’s latest mobile OS bump brings Japanese language support to Siri, camera app tweaks and most importantly fixes some battery-life bugs. You can download the update via your iPhone’s settings, but jailbreakers beware, the update will remove your jailbreak. If you decide to install the update, we’d love to know how it’s treating you.

About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • http://twitter.com/gregwlsn Greg Wilson

    Sprint 3G makes the iPhone almost useless, hopefully 5.1 does something about it.

  • Swaggaboystackz

    idk why you sprint iphone is slow my sprint iphone is very fast i think it depends on the area you in i live in ny and i have very gud service and after i updated my iphone 4s its seems alittle bit faster

  • Phillymade

    Sprint doesn’t make a useless piece of junk any worse. Iphone is JUNK and the new OS will not help it any, time to give it up and come to the REAL devices.

  • Rusty5090

    My iPhone is crap. I gave up my AT&T iPhone 3GS that was great and switched to a 4s on sprint and it Sux. The sad part is my whole family switched at the same time. Now we all have shitty phones

  • Jtsoos

    I had no issues with 4s on sprint until the 5.1 update. Now I am dropping calls left and right.

  • Rich Nicco

    Iphone shits on every phone df its not iphones fault ur a dumbasss and cant access the full potential of ur device lls