• Sat, Feb 6th, 2016
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Sprint to Offer $100 Credit to Select New Prospects

Posted In Deals, News - By Mark Hearn On Thursday, March 1st, 2012 10:51am PST With 11 Comments

Starting on March 7th, Sprint will begin reaching out to non-customers via their mobile phones and snail mail. This select group will be receiving an offer for a $100 service credit for making the switch to Sprint. If notified of this offer via phone, the potential customer will be presented with the option to visit a website and register their email and existing phone number. After successful registration, the customer will be required to port and activate their existing phone number by April 18th and remain a customer for at least 30 days. The $100 credit will then show up within three billing cycles.

The process is slightly different for those that receive this offer via direct mailer. Offer letters will start going out on March 19th and will include a unique identification code to register when activating their new account. In addition to having the option to port their existing phone number, this group of customers will have the option to use a new one instead. In order to receive the $100 credit, the customer must activate their account by April 15th.

About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.losh Tom Losh

    Hmmmm… Sounds like a strange way to go about it.

    I’m a Sprint customer, so let me reverse this and see how I would feel if Verizon was trying to attract me using the “phone” method.

    If Verizon made a sales/marketing call to me on my Sprint phone, my first reaction would be to complain. I do not, under any circumstances, wish to receive marketing/sales calls on my cellphone from ANY company with which I do not already have a current business relationship. Period.

    Two reasons for this: Cell phone minutes are not ever free – I pay for every one. Even if my carrier says 200 free minutes for $30 or 400 free minutes for $50 the fact that the number of “free” minutes differs depending on how much one pays shows those minutes are being paid for. Secondly, my cell phone number is on the National Do-Not-Call list.

    So, if a carrier other than mine called offering a sales/marketing “opportunity” to me, my first reaction would be to complain to them, my second would be an instant federal complaint (easily done on-line).

    Sounds, from the limited details offered, like it could be a poorly planned effort.

    (…and there MUST be a better way to attract customers than to pay them to become customers, possibly stellar service and coverage.)

  • Jaccooper

    I would like it it sprint decided to reach out to exisiting customers, perhaps those that have a higher priced plan or something, and gave us the $100 service credit. (Perhaps even in addition to the upgrade discount). I could see this as being a very possitive,proactive approach to keeping those customers that might be thinking about leaving for whatever reason (ie: poor 4g experience or not having a particular phone being sold). I for one, would love to be shown that my business is appreciated and that I haven’t been forgotten in favor of the “maybe” new customer. How about you?

  • Mark McCoskey

    Will there be an LTE phone offered by this time? I’m interested in switching, but I want an LTE phone in order to do so.

  • Pamelaroad

    In the last year Sprint has:
    1) Taken away my yearly free upgrad
    2) Added $10 fee per line for ‘premium data’ to all smart phones if upgraded. + $20 per month
    3) Taken away my corporate discount on my second line increasing my bill + $5 per month
    4) Changed their fee structure increasing my bill +1.00 per month
    5) Stopped prorating the last month of service is you cancel service. Must pay for entire month.
    6) Changed their arbitration process to favor them. You must use their arbitration service.

    And there are other slimey changes they have made. I also believe they have slowed my service to force an upgrate to their premium phones. There is no way I will ever stay with them. I was most pissed that they told me I was going to get a $150 credit toward upgrade a year after I joined and then deleted that “promotion”. They claimed it was not part of the contract.

  • Mark McCoskey

    That’s good to know. Who are you switching to?

  • Hohn4394


  • Karnage9

    I got the $125 port over credit when I got my E4GT in September. My gf has been wanting to switch over from Verizon but would have a really Huge ETF. Anyone know if there will be a way to get in on this even if she isn’t one the of “chosen ones.”

  • Austin78989

    I have been with Sprint for over five years an now they took away all tha perks that made me go to them but thats kool att now has 3g in East Texas an they also have the Samsung Galaxy Note which Sprint has not show us yet stop trippin an putting all ur money in tha I phone.And taking a what I have earned with the time I have been with you. An there is still nothing about the Galaxy not or Journal whats really going on I really think att will love my business might as well go them I cant bill anything to my account anymore an personally im still pissed I know that Sprint really doesnt give a s #8t im only one account

  • Relberts1625

    After 30 days you will recharged hefty ETF

  • Relberts1625

    After 30 days you will be charged hefty ETF if you find out they don’t deliver what you expect.

  • Ph174699

    No. it appears the LTE phones are showing up late April/early May.