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What’s Holding Back Your Favorite Mobile OS?

Posted In Polls - By Mark Hearn On Friday, March 9th, 2012 7:31am PST With 16 Comments

Over the past few years four major mobile operating systems have gained a great deal of fame and success. Currently tearing up forums, message boards and comments sections across the internet, fanboy flame wars aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. For many different reasons people pledge their allegiance to a specific platform without entertaining other possibilities, never taking the other side’s argument into consideration. Maybe there’s a reason behind someone choosing a rival operating system. Have you ever considered what’s holding back your preferred mobile operating system?

We’re asking that you take an honest look at your mobile platform of choice and think about the features that it is currently lacking. In this two-part exercise we’d like to know what’s your preferred mobile operating system and what do you think can make it better? Be sure to log in your vote and share your thoughts and experience via our comments.

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About - Mark is the founding father of SprintFeed. He is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. His love affair with the Now Network started with the release of the Treo 600 back in 2004 and has been going strong ever since. Highly opinionated and somewhat eccentric he shares his ramblings about his network of choice here at SprintFeed.

  • Phillymade

    I am an Android fan and user. I did come from Blackberry. I will say that I did love Blackberry. It is a great device, and is probably one of the best for business operations and getting work done. Having said that, I do know that other platforms are capable of doing what BB does. When I made the jump to Android it was for the media base and for the ASOP (Open source) community. I am a firm believer in the public opinion and ASOP gives us just that. For us Rooted users, we are the ones that are aiding in the development of the Android OS. Make no mistake about this, mobile phone companies like HTC and Google make the codes and RUU’s available to the public for a reason. HTC has even given the steps of how to unlock boot loader on there devices. They see and hear what the rooted community is doing and they take that very seriously. Look at the ICS 4.0. It was “leaked” back in october, and if you look at the XDA forums, you will see that the 4.0 rom that was developed for the Sensation is the rom that is now coming stock on HTC devices. It is this community and passion for bettering the system that keeps me partial to it. I love being involved with the development of an OS 6 months before it is released to the public. Android has come a long way, and is still growing. This is my take on Android and why I love it so dearly. I can not speak to Apple, as I do not have one. Feel free to chime.

  • Davidksims

    I had BB for @ 8 years (actually, I was BES Admin at job!), Made the jump to windows @ 5 years ago, and jumped to Android with EVO and now Photon 4G. Not to reevent the wheel, look at what Phillymade said……………Oh, I was rooted, unlocked and running ICS, but on Photon you loose 4G, so I went back to stock, need my Geeze! Hopefully Sprint will get SG Note!

  • Jeremy Podolski

    I don’t root or customize my phone to that extent, but I love Android for the way it can be personalized and the ability to multi-task in an intuitive way. I wish there were better voice commands integrated into functions like the calendar – I’d love to be able to create a calendar item by voice or make other types of notes with fewer button presses. I also wish there was a stronger presence in the Android Market of educational apps and interactive books for kids. I think that Apple has a much stronger selection of app-style books and other child-friendly experiences.

  • Davidksims

    Have you looked in Android Market? I always see child-friendly stuff and I spend 99.99% of my time in Development! (usually an advertisement or something, but I see it!) As for voice commands, it’s coming BUT, look at Apple SREI(?), its been crap from day one with server crashes and the like!

  • Rjh0134

    As of this year, Android can be a little bit more consistent and steadfast with updates with pure Google phones

  • Jon34232

    I am a former blackberry user. I have now switched to android a couple years ago andI love my android system I have a motorola photon 4 g with and I c s rom that’s awesome. I don’t mind not having 4G as it is not in the Sarasota area

  • raindog469

    I still think WebOS had the nicest multitasking (never killed background tasks randomly, just told me when I couldn’t open any more, and made it dead simple to switch between or exit them).

    But Android is the best mobile OS I’ve used overall. It’s by no means perfect, or even close, but its the closest I’ve come to having full control of the hardware I legally own. As more commodity hardware makers start building Android devices, I’m hoping I’ll get at least a tablet that’s completely open and unlocked, meaning I don’t have to resort to exploiting security holes in order to get root, and for which I can get the source code for everything from the bootloader to the hardware drivers in addition to the normal AOSP stuff. The notion that I should have to upgrade my hardware to use a current, patched OS, not because the new version of the OS is too bloated to support it but because the manufacturer decides they don’t want to support my hardware anymore, has caused desktop PC manufacturers to lose sales in the past, and it shouldn’t be acceptable behavior with mobile devices either. With Android at least there’s a way out.

    It’s not bad to develop for, either… well-documented, a great community, and unlike with Palm, I don’t have to declare my apps to be “test versions” in order to distribute them outside of an app store. Apple may have changed mobile UIs to be finger-focused, but Android finally made mobile devices into general-purpose computers anyone can develop for, not just toys reserved for devotees to one enormous company.

  • unashamedgeek

    I love Android and how I can customize it, but I do like some of the apps on my wife’s iPad. The one app/ecosystem I wish Android had was the Newsstand with its magazines.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jebyrnejr Jimmy Byrne

    I guess I’ll be the first WinPhone lover here. I was using Windows Mobile for half a decade (Best mobile OS IMHO). I made the switch to Android in November 2010 with the Evo 4G. I loved it. For the first few weeks. Then it started randomly deleting my text messages, not connecting to GPS, draining the battery at an excessive rate and generally failing on me when I needed it to work. I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. I switched the WinPhone in November of last year, and havent’ looked back. I miss a few of the apps android had that winphone doesn’t (a lack of good dropbox integration is high up on that list) but I love the interface, the xbox live games are phenomenol, zune pass is awesome for finding new music, and the battery life is great.

    Aside from lack of apps, the biggest problem is the lack of options on Sprint (Sprint, this is where you come in and say “don’t worry, we have a variant of the Lumia 900 coming in a few weeks”).

  • sonofLA

    I wish apple would alow some more freedom, like live wallpapers
    And cool stuff like that..but oh well, it rocks anyway!

  • Anjanette

    iPhone for me :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/onilink67 John Marques

    While some of that is a problem with android and their communication about features.

    – Text Message deletion was a feature added in with Android 2.0 and actually asks you once if you want to permit this and can turn it off

    - GPS well thats the manufacturers fault but most have fixed their issues in updates (I know still not perfect)

    - Battery issue was a big issue on the Evo 4g especially with WiMax turned on. I hear its better now but not a very optomized device.

    Sadly none of these are specifically for the OS but very good points against the Evo 4g

  • Slickrick_rico

    I agree WebOS was the best os out there.

  • Slickrick_rico

    WebOS i prefered, but for now android rules. Apple sucks.

  • Casey Anthony

    BlackBerry lol, RIM = RIP
    They suck – ios sucks but apple is king for apps

  • http://www.facebook.com/jebyrnejr Jimmy Byrne

    So it’s a “feature” that it randomly deleted ALL of my text messages without prompting me? And not just me, I checked in the bug reports area, there were several thousand complaints about it from users across all manufacturers (AKA, Android the common factor)

    People with Android from most manufacturers complained about battery, so not just an Evo issue (and battery sucked whether WiMax was on or off)

    So, 2/3 pretty standard complaints across the OS, not device . . .