• Wed, Feb 10th, 2016
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Sprint Getting the iPad After All?

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 9th, 2012 4:00pm PST - 5 Comments »

Two days ago Apple had a little San Francisco shindig to announce the release of their newest iPad. Sadly when the slide displaying the third-generation iOS tablet’s wireless partners was displayed, Sprint appeared to be missing from the bunch. This led many (including us) to believe that the Now Network had been snubbed and it was assumed that the lack of a live LTE network and additional. 

NCAA March Madness Live Brings College Hoops Action to iOS and Android

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 9th, 2012 11:07am PST - 2 Comments »

Are you a hardcore hoops fan going mad at the thought of missing March Madness? Well, the NCAA and Turner Sports are teaming up to keep iOS and Android device owners connected to this year’s tourney with this year’s version NCAA March Madness Live. For the reasonable price of $3.99 you’ll have on the go live access to every game, custom channels and fun-filled trivia. Currently. 

Sprint Makes the ZTE Fury Official

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 9th, 2012 7:56am PST - No Comments »

A couple of weeks ago we pulled back the curtain and revealed details on Sprint’s budget-friendly ZTE Fury. Yesterday we were able to confirm that the Fury would go sale on March 11th. Playing a bit of catch up, Sprint has decided to finally make the ZTE Fury official and has issued a press release announcing its arrival. If you somehow missed our coverage on this entry-level Android,. 

What’s Holding Back Your Favorite Mobile OS?

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 9th, 2012 7:31am PST - 16 Comments »

Over the past few years four major mobile operating systems have gained a great deal of fame and success. Currently tearing up forums, message boards and comments sections across the internet, fanboy flame wars aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. For many different reasons people pledge their allegiance to a specific platform without entertaining other possibilities, never taking. 

LG Rumor Reflex Making its Way to Sprint and Boost Mobile This Month

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 8th, 2012 2:56pm PST - 3 Comments »

Whether it’s postpaid or prepaid, going green is almost always a good thing. But in the case of the eco-friendly LG Reflex, you might come away better recycling leftover plastic bottles instead. If you’re the anti-smartphone type and crave the simplest of feature phones, then the Reflex might be your cup of green tea. Arriving to both Sprint and Boost Mobile, the LG Reflex aka. 

ZTE Fury Available March 11th

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 8th, 2012 11:04am PST - 7 Comments »

Not too long ago we outed Sprint’s upcoming budget-friendly ZTE Fury. Revealing everything but its release date, we can now confirm that the ZTE Fury will be available on March 11th for $19.99 on a two-year commitment. As we said before, this starter smartphone won’t be winning over spec sheet fanatics, but it definitely has the potential to be a great first smartphone for pre-teens. 

Sprint Spruces up 3G Coverage in Eastern Michigan

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 8th, 2012 10:18am PST - 10 Comments »

Sprint’s been burning the midnight oil lately working on their Network Vision program and it looks likes like Motown is reaping the benefits of their latest efforts. Making more than 290 network capacity upgrades during the past six months in eastern Michigan. Customers can expect faster data speeds, clearer voice calls and improved signal strength. These enhancements are said to impact. 

Sprint Didn’t Get the New iPad, Now What?

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 8th, 2012 9:20am PST - 24 Comments »

Apple’s unanticipated decision to call their third-generation tablet, the “iPad” instead of iPad 3 left a lot of people confused yesterday. But besides the “New iPad’s” razor sharp Retina Display, one thing was crystal clear, no iPad for Sprint! When Sprint started carrying the iPhone last October, many wondered if Apple’s highly successful tablet. 

iOS 5.1 Rolling Out Right Now

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 7th, 2012 3:06pm PST - 6 Comments »

Sprint may not be receiving the “new iPad,” but Sprint’s iPhone owners aren’t totally being left out of today’s festivities. Earlier today Apple announced iOS 5.1 and making good on their word the update is hitting iPhones all across the country as we speak. Apple’s latest mobile OS bump brings Japanese language support to Siri, camera app tweaks and. 

Sprint Pulling the Plug on LightSquared Partnership Next Week

By Mark Hearn | On Mar 7th, 2012 8:51am PST - 8 Comments »

Bloomberg is reporting that after months of waiting for a solution, Sprint is ready to end their planned partnership with Lightsquared. The deal began to crumble after LightSquared failed to gain FCC approval to build their new LTE setup. This led to the removal of CEO Sanjiv Ahuja and a reduction of almost half of the company’s staff. After paying out $310 million to Sprint in advanced.